Dhairya Oza is an incredible child artist he is a cute little one who has started contributing to the industry since 2003. He works amazingly in such a small age he is very talented and the audience like him so much. He has done the movie Chal Chlein in 2009 which has stolen the hearts of many people and he is an amazing actor. He has done great work at such a small age and earned a lot of name and fame at this age. He has started setting himself up in the industry to achieve more and more in the field. In 2009 he did a movie Chal Chalein Click to look into! >> Read More... and the director of the film is Ujjwal Singh Ujjwal Singh is a film director, who has worked ma >> Read More... , the Producer is Mahesh Padalkar this is a story related to children and this is related to the academic pressure that a children has to go through during their childhood.

In the movie a child commits suicide and then later the lawyer speaks to his parents and teachers this is a very appealing topic as it happens daily somewhere. In 2003 he has done The Magic Make-Up Box which was also an amazing effort by him he has done a wonder job in it. This used to broadcast on Zee Tv channel. In this series there is a boy named Abhay who find a Magic Make-Up Box with the help of his friends and that box helps them to transform it into any form or shape and the character can be from the past, present or future. Dhairya Oza was cast as Abhay in the series and has done a wonderful job.

Dhairya as a kid has done a good job in the series and worked for so long contributed his time managing with studies as well he has put up great efforts and all the kids together made the series what it is. He is doing great in the industry being a kid and he is a wonderful and hardworking child. At such a small age he has achieved this much and making his parents feel proud of him. He has worked with such great actors like Mithun Chakraborty When we talk about the few legends in the Indian f >> Read More... everyone loves him so much and he loves kids a lot. He has also worked with Rati Agnihotri Rati Agnihotri is an Indian movie actress who has >> Read More... , Mukesh Khanna Most children born in the 90s era would be familia >> Read More... , Kawaljit Singh and many other talented actors who have achieved so much in life. He has learnt a lot from them during the film. Dhairya Oza has brilliantly done the work he took and contributed to the industry well.