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Sabyasachi Gorai Hindi Actor

Sabyasachi Gorai is an Indian Chef, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. He is a founder member of the Indian Chef’s Associations (IFCA), WICA (West), and SICA (South). Sabyasachi Gorai was born on 5 January 1973 in the town of Asansol in West Bengal. After completing his general education, he pursued his bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts from IHM under the University of Calcutta. He then trained under internationally renowned chefs such as Charlie Trotter and Chef P. Soundararajan.

He even did culinary courses from international institutes such as Pastry School in Paris, Culinary School in the USA, and Pasta Academy in Italy. The chef came from a middle-class family and wanted to earn a living as soon as possible. Sabyasachi Gorai initially wanted to become an air force pilot, but his parents did not approve, so he joined culinary school.  Sabyasachi Gorai is married to Ritu Gorai, and together, the couple have a daughter named Sara.

Sabyasachi Gorai initially began working in hotel management and did many odd jobs before he found his way to the kitchen. He used to be a musician when he was young, and found cooking to be a perfect outlet for his creative expression. His talents eventually led him to the top of his field and made him a star in the cooking industry. As an entrepreneur, Sabyasachi Gorai  started a restaurant consultancy company known as Fabrica by Chef Saby, which has helped many top restaurants. He even started his own restaurant by the name of ‘Lavaash’ in his hometown of Mehrauli in Asansol. The food he serves traces the culinary impact of the early Armenian settlers in the region on modern-day dishes.

Over the course of his career, he has traveled to different countries and cooked for many wealthy and affluent people like actors, the Ambanis, and even sports teams. He has been featured as a judge on shows like ‘Master Chef,’ ‘Fat Ya Fit Chef,’ and has his own show ‘The Urban Cook’ on Living Foodz. Sabyasachi Gorai is a philanthropist who started a scholarship to help girls from the weaker sections of society. The scholarship is named after his mother and also makes sure that the girls are able to get jobs within his network. He is the youngest chef to receive the National Tourism Award. On an international level, he won the Varli Award for ‘Best Chef of India’ among numerous other accolades.