Birthday: 13-06-1959
Age: 60
Star sign: Cancer

Nisha Madhulika is a famous chef in India. She also has a YouTube channel with videos dedicated to food recipes and cuisines. The Indian chef is also consults inspiring young and writes food blogs for leading newspapers of the country.

She took birth in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on 13th June 1959. With over a decade into cooking Nisha inspires a lot of Indian moms to cook, she deals mainly with Indian cuisines and is a loved personality in India. She took birth in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on 13th June 1959 where she grew up in an Indian family. She got married to M.S. Gupta, a technology entrepreneur; she is a mother of two sons.

After marriage, she moved to Delhi with her family. Professionally before her being a chef, she worked as a teacher, did digital marketing for a company, and did financial handling in her husband’s business. In 2006, her family had to shift to Noida, and that made working for Nisha difficult.

The initial idea of getting into cooking hit her when she got alone at home after her husband left for office. In 2007, she started writing food blogs on Wordpress. Her sons helped her build the website, and Nisha gained followers.

Nisha wrote about Indian cuisines, and her audience requested her to upload video. In 2011, she started her YouTube channel under the name Nisha Madhulika. She uploads videos of two recipes a day and writes for her blog as well.

She has written up to a hundred recipe blog post. In 2014, she won Top YouTube chef award, and in the year 2017, she won the award for the Top Content Creator YouTube from Social Media Summit Awards.

She often appears in interviews in Indian TV infotainment channels and has reserved food columns on different websites. With no business goal in mind, Nisha has touched high skies; she is in the Economic Times list of Top ten YouTube stars. She also got named in Vodafone’s coffee table book, Women of Pure Wonder and became the face of YouTube's #seesomethingnew in 2016. Nisha lives in Noida, Uttar Pradesh; she contributes to TATA India’s initiative Project Druv which helps in bringing internet content to Indian Villages.

Ritu Dalmia Hindi Actress

Ritu Dalmia

Ritu Dalmia was born in 1973. She is an Indian Restauranteur as well as a chef. She owns six Restaurants in Delhi, India. She established Diva, an Italian Restaurant, quite popular in Delhi. She has hosted TV shows on cooking like “Italian Khana” and “Travelling Diva”. Ritu always had a love for Food and Cooking. Being a Marwari, she always dreamed of becoming a Business Tycoon or an Industrialist. She was born in Kolkata. She joined her father's Marble Stone Business when she was just sixteen. She went to Italy for business purpose and developed a liking for Italian food. She soon started trying out Italian recipes. When she came back to Delhi, she had a bad experience with Italian food. She decided to showcase her cooking skills. In 1993, she opened Mezzaluna, an Italian Restaurant, in Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. She opened it with the 5 lakh rupees, which she had saved when working for Natwar Dalmia, her father. It specialized in Mediterranean cuisine.  However, she had to face numerous challenges. The exotic ingredients she required were not readily available in the city. Getting a license was difficult as well. Her Italian friends did not like her meal as well. She soon realized that she did not know enough, and then she traveled all over Italy, tasting food, understanding ingredients, observing techniques, and carrying back with her herbs, pasta, and spices to India. Nothing worked and soon she shut down Mezzaluna in 1996. Ritu was quite disheartened by her failure and decided to run away to London. She struggled a lot in London for the first two months, with hardly enough money to pay grocery bills. Soon, she opened an Indian Dining Restaurant called Vama and learned a lot about restaurant business as well as food. She got exposure to meet people from every corner of the world in Vama. Vama was a great success.  But, Ritu started missing her home and sold her shares in 2000. She returned to Delhi and opened an Italian Restaurant Diva with partner Gita Bhalla in the posh area of Greater Kailash II. Diva is a professional mix of Mezzaluna and Vama. The restaurant is unique and moves away from Paneer and Chana to a greater understanding of vegetarian food. Ritu showcases everyday vegetables like Pumpkin and Eggplant to make her food more delicious and exciting. It somehow worked and today they are the best selling recipes in all her restaurants. She did not give up until it worked. Ritu owns a cafe in Chanakyapuri, Latitude 28 at Khan Market, Diva Piccola at Hauz Khas and more, all in Delhi. In 2007, she hosted Italian Khana on the channel NDTV Good Times. It was shot in Italy, and soon she released her book based on it. The show ran until 2010 and won many awards. She also became a consulting chef at a few restaurants. She won the Order of the Star Italian Solidarity in Italy in 2011. She had published many books on food. Travelling Diva is her show that has recipes from all around the world.


Saransh Goila

India was blessed with the youngest multi-talented chef who is none other than Saransh Goila. He was born on February 17, 1987. A native of Delhi, India, Goila is not only a chef but is also a television host, an author who is also famous for his online food and travel show called "The spice traveler". He has been referred to as the youngest chef of India by the people. He has set himself as an inspiration for many aspiring chefs in India. In 2011, he won the title of India's youngest super chef. In 2012, he experienced his first live cooking Event, and in 2014 he bagged the opportunity to get his name entered into the Limca book of records for "Chef who made the longest road journey". He usually denotes himself as a "sadak chef ". He is also a winner of Food Mahachallenge. Saransh is up with a health challenge where he prepares exquisite foods which are healthy as well. Throughout his food journey he cooked, he experienced foods from across the country and even got inspired by local food vendors. Saransh shared one of his experience of cooking with little monks. They became very happy when he told them that he will play with them and cook for them. He has shared his experience at the Indian border and met our National Heroes. He told how emotional and happy they became at the time when they were told about the food from their cities. He shared one of his most Inspiring stories, his visa to the US was rejected on 15th June, 2011. He was traveling to Los Angeles with the last batch of his savings to try his luck at a food network to pursue his dream of acting and cooking together. He was shattered when this last attempt to live his dream was rejected. He was in a state of trauma, and then his life changed 15 days later, when he got a call from Food Maha Challenge. He then accepts the fact that “everything happens for our betterment” and confessed that had he been in the US at that time, he wouldn't have come this far in life. Saransh was invited to the US in 2012 for representing Indian Cuisine. Today he has pursued and achieved the ultimate goal of life that is Happiness. P.S-(Food obviously is a tremendous source of happiness). This passionate, dedicated traveler's ultimate goal is to promote regional Indian food across the globe. We all hope he will always be successful in life and keep inspiring the youth of this country with his success.

Saransh Goila Hindi Actor