Born in 1982, Shikha Kaistha is a born artist. Having a degree in fashion design, Shikha Kaistha was interested in creative and unique art since her childhood days. She started as a librarian and then moved to Mumbai where she lives with her husband and their daughter. Shikha is the Head of Design of the Asmara Group, a garment and apparel export house. Aside from her main job, Shikha makes time for her art.

Inspired by people and things around her, and wanting to showcase her creative mind, Shikha draws and paints anything her mind visualizes. She is a self-taught artist. Shikha Kaistha works with watercolours and acrylic on canvas boards. Figures representing the Hindu gods and goddesses or the Hindu culture and tradition can be found in her artworks. She makes use of bright and vivid colours like blue and red.