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Hindi Actress Veena Kumari
  • DOB : 04-07-1926
  • Date of death: 14-11-2004
  • Lived For : 77 Years
  • Star Sign : Cancer
  • Gender : Female

Veena Kumari’s real name was Tajour Sultana. She was born on July 4th; 1926, in Quetta, Baluchistan Agency, British India (now in Pakistan). After some time, her family shifted to Lahore, India. She was married to Al Nasir, an actor, in 1947. She was known for her roles in Hindi and Urdu films. She performed in Garib and Gawandhi in the year 1942 at the age of sixteen. She played roles in big films like Halaku, Pakeezah, Do Raaste, and many more. She also received a Filmfare’s Award for best supporting actress for the movie Taj Mahal. She retired in 1983. Her last release was Razia Sultan Razia Sultan belongs to the genre of Indian histor >> Read More... , in which she played the role of Empress Shah Turkhan. She suffered from a prolonged illness and died at the age of seventy-eight on 14th November 2004.


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