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Hindi Actress Rutul Patil
  • Gender : Female

Rutul Patil is an Indian Hindi Film Actress born and raised in Mumbai, India. She started her acting career by acting in a Marathi film 'Ajuri' released in 2017, which earned her accolades for portraying the lead role of Tarana. Following this, she has worked prominently in several other successful films, such as Thodari (2016), Pune 52(2014), and Mere dost picture abhi baki hai (2012). Her next release was Jani Vadhayala 2020 . Apart from movies, Rutul has been part of many tv serials like Saath Nibhana Sathiya, Ye un din ki baat hai and Ishqbaaz.

In 2019-2020 Rutul did a web series Kathan on the Disney Hotstar app along with fellow actor Amit Samel which got a tremendous response and success from the global public. This brought lots more offers to do more digital projects where lots of upcoming shows will be starring our actress Rutul Patil coming soon digitally worldwide platform. In addition to acting, she also loves dancing. Dancing & music & writing poems are a few things that keep her busy always when not shooting or rehearsing lines for acting sheet; she is deeply involved with it all, even though she has focused primarily on movie performances throughout much of her career so far, she continues to focus mainly on vibrant roles both big screen/Small screens productions& now Digital Platforms too.


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