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Urvashi Radadiya

Gujarati Singer Urvashi Radadiya
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Urvashi Radadiya is a Gujarati singer and was born on 25th May 1990. She is a native of Amreli district of Kathiawar, Gujarat, India. Urvashi had the dream of becoming a police officer since childhood but she soon began singing at the age of five and developed interest in singing only. She grew up watching her grandfather and parents singing Garba songs on weddings. Urvashi soon received her first chance to sing on the national stage and never looked back.

Urvashi Radadiya first began with "garba programmes", where she started singing on the stage, and at that time, she would probably receive the amount of ₹50. Urvashi Radadiya is working as a singer at international level and singing Bhajan-Lagnagit earning worth of 1.2 lakh of rupees. She also attends the events organized by the various big dealers on Tulsi Vivah and Garba, weddings, and other occasions.


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