Supriyo Dutta Bengali Actor

Supriyo Dutta is a well known Bengali Television and Film actor. He was born on 1st January 1954 in West Bengal. His mother tongue is Bengali. He also works as voice artist and comedian in Bengali Film Industry. He started his career as a theatre actor. In 2019, Supriyo joined back hands with Theatre group "Chetana'' for its production Rani Cruesa after 2001. He was immensely associated with "Chetana'' during the 80's and 90's. He also worked as a background artist and cinematographer in a few Bengali Films. He debuted on the silver screen in 2006 with the film "Herbert''.

He has worked in over forty films. He recently acted in Kanta Tarer Bera, Phire Dekha, Jokhon Ratri Name, Miss Call and Somay.