Maalgudi Days Aka Malgudi Days Movie Review

3 / 5.0

Malgudi Days…the name itself will evoke interest to the avid book readers. Well, this Malgudi Days has nothing to do with the book of R K Narayan, except that a school is named Malgudi here.Well, let’s see how this film has turned out to be….

Two kinds Vishal and Janaki are the backbone of this film. Janaki’s father has an untimely death, and she is traumatized due to this. Due to the suggestion of her mother’s friend, Janaki is sent to a school named Malgudi (which is located in Idukki) where she becomes close with Vishal, who is the school’s ‘notorious’ mischief monger. And it so happens that these two kids meet Anoop Menon who is injured; they help him and eventually Anoop (who initially is in the bad books of the kids) tells his background. What are the following events that take place in the life of the kids forms the rest of the story.

Star Performances

Anoop Menon essays his role that has a pinch of mystery, in a seamless manner. The common man can relate to his character, and that is also where he scores. Bhama, though in a brief role, has done an earnest job. The child stars Vishal and Janaki have done an excellent job, and they deserve a peck on their cheeks. Other artists including Priyanka Nair, Saiju Kuruppu, T P Madhavan, and Irshad have done full justice to their roles.


Malgudi Days has been penned and directed by three brothers; this is perhaps the first attempt in Indian films. This film is inspired by an event that took place in 1992. The happenings in a public school are picturized in an efficient manner by the trio directors. Being debutantes, the trio deserves a red carpet welcome for executing the film well.

What’s there?

  • Whether you expect fun, drama or twist in the film, it is there in front of your eyes!
  • The screenplay is profound.
  • The movie is thoroughly engrossing. 
  • Cinematography by Anil Nair deserves applause.
  • Music of Dr. Praveen complements with the tempo of the film. 

What’s not there?

  • Editing could have been crisper at some points.
  • The movie is melodramatic sometimes. 


Despite some flaws the film conveys a beautiful message, and you have got to see the film to experience it.