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Pani Jaisa Piyar Hindi TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Written by a well-known writer Moomal Shunaid Since the inception of Hum TV in the Pakistani TV >> Read More... , Pani Jaisa Piyar is a Pakistani drama. The host channel for this show was Hum TV. Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat   An exceptional actor and an incomparable direct >> Read More... , the star cast of the show includes Juggan Kazim Juggan Kazim is a Pakistani-Canadian model, televi >> Read More... , Samina Peerzada It is quite remarkable to notice that many of the >> Read More... , Babrik Shah Babrik Shah is a Pakistani actor and model. He was >> Read More... , Nausheen Shah Nausheen, is an extremely gorgeous and talented mo >> Read More... , Sabab Qamar, Mikaal Zulfigar, Ahsan Khan Ahsan Khan is a Pakistani actor born on 9th Octobe >> Read More... , and Samina Ahmed. The serial had 17 episodes in total and the duration of each episode ranged from 39 to 40 minutes. Portraying the story of Sana, a young girl of age 25, who hailed from Faisalabad, Pani Jaisa Piyar shows how her life takes her through an eventful journey. Sana had two elder siblings, Hassan and Dua, and they belonged to a family of wealth and high social status.

But due to the demise of her father, all the luxuries went away. Hassan, is the only support of the family, had to quit school in order to support them. Sana had been engaged in her childhood to her mother's best friend Arfa's son, Adarsh. Hassan got into a fight with the boys from the neighbourhood as they passed inappropriate remarks towards Sana, and was taken to prison. Hassan's best friend Saad, took care of his family in Hassan's absence, as Saad had no family of his own. Saad liked Sana but never took any further steps in that direction as he knew that Sana was engaged. Sana knew about his liking towards her and always felt uncomfortable in his presence.

But in the fear of abandonment and Saad pulling his hand back on aiding them, Sana's mother made sure that she spent enough time with him. She believed that his feelings towards Sana were brotherly. After a while, Saad requested Sana to take her out for dinner. She refused at first, but after his persistence, said yes. Saad took her to his place and showed her his room which was full of her portraits. He confessed being in love with her and asks for one night with her. A horrified Sana tried to run away from that place but Saad raped her. He threatened her that he would take back Hassan's court case if she told anyone, and in fear of that, Sana kept quiet about the incident.

When Hassan was acquitted, Sana tearfully told him everything and he choked Saad to death on the railway tracks which resulted in him going back to the jail. On one hand, Sana's mother wanted to get her married to Adarsh as soon as possible, Adarsh, though, was not aware of his engagement with Sana, as his parents wanted him to focus on his studies rather than his wedding. But Adarsh loved his childhood friend Sasha. And when he told his parents about his desire to marry her, they refused and told him about his engagement with Sana. They threatened him to leave their home if he didn't choose Sana and married her. Adarsh, after giving it a thought, agreed to marry Sana as he found no point in getting married to Sasha if he had no money and no home.

Sana told Adarsh's mother everything about the incident, knowing that she would break the engagement. However, as Arfa was indebted to Sana's mother, Nuzhat, because she took Arfa's daughter Dua and took good care of her like she did for her own kids, she accepted Sana. She told her that Adarsh knew everything and still wanted to marry her. After they got married, Sana brought up the topic to thank Adarsh but was shocked when Adarsh told her furiously that he didn't know anything about the incident. He gets angry that his mother tricked him into this marriage and started having a sexual affair with Sasha. He treated Sana horribly and believed that Sana was not raped, but did everything as it was her own wish.

Sana found out after a while that she was pregnant, and Adarsh completely denied any relation of that baby with him and forced Sana to abort the child. Sana, being so frustrated and emotionally drained, tried committing suicide. Arfa and Adarsh found her minutes later of the consumption and rush to take her to the hospital. Adarsh told his parents that he wanted to divorce Sana. His parents told him that he couldn't do so as she was pregnant, and it was illegal for a man to do so. He retaliated by saying that the child was not his and his father outrageously asked him to leave the house. Before Adarsh left, he told him about his daughter Dua, and his father is devastated.

Adarsh beats Sana often which resulted in her being hospitalised. Sana decided to go back to leave with her sister Dua. She gave birth to her son 2 months later. DNA report confirmed that the boy was indeed, Adarsh's, but she refused any connection with him. Arfa found out that Sasha and Arshad were getting married when she went to give them sweets in the celebration of her grandson's birth. Arfa told Adarsh about the DNA report. Yet, he said he would give divorce to Sana. Arfa told Sasha everything and she left Adarsh. After one year, Sana and Dua along with Sana's son and Dua's husband visited Arfa for Eid, where Adarsh and Sana met. He asked for her forgiveness, and after giving it a thought, she decided to live with him as that would have been best for her son.


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