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Ishq Zahe Naseeb Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Ishq Zahe Naseeb is a Pakistani TV serial aired on Hum TV. The show started on 21 June 2019. With only 30 episodes, it ended on 17 January 2020. The serial is written by Hashim Nadeem Hashim Nadeem is a Pakistani playwriter, director, >> Read More... and directed by Farooq Rind Farooq Rind is a Pakistani television director bes >> Read More... . The Mystery drama television series was produced by MD Productions and Moomal Entertainment. The show is based on a mental disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder. In the series, there is a girl named Gohar, played by Sonya in love with a boy and wants to marry him. She is poor and her brothers are mad about the affair. They want her to get married to a boy named Jehangir. He is her cousin, and her father owes money to him. At first, she didn't want to get married to him but later said yes to repay her father's debt.

She starts working at home as a governess at the male protagonist, Sameer’s house. He is a businessman who lives with her stepmother, Sahiba. He has split personality disorder, and no one knows about it except Sahiba. His fiance, named Joya, gets killed in a mysterious event just before their marriage. When her family members find that she works at Sameer’s home instead of his office, they stop her from working anymore. Later, Sameer comes at her home hoping he could ask her to come back to work for him at his house. He learns about the debt and gives a blank cheque to his family members. His brother accepts the cheque and pays all his loans. They break their marriage.

Jehangir now wants to take revenge and plans to throw acid on her face. He fails in her plans and is now, sent to jail. Kashif who was in love with Gohar now works in another company and starts loving her boss. Sameer and Gohar also start loving each other. Later Gohar starts working at his office when her stepmother fires her from her home. Gohar is now working on a project that has some connections to the company where Kashif works. In an office meeting, they see each other but they didn't talk to each other. In an attempt to save Gohar from being humiliated he asks to marry her. They both get engaged and Kashif is also engaged with her boss. The rest of the story is about if Gohar finds out the split personality of Sameer. 


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