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Top 10 Urdu Tv Dramas To Watch In 2022

Top 10 Urdu Tv Dramas To Watch In 2022 Urdu Article

Serials produced in Pakistan are increasingly gaining popularity not only in their home nation but also worldwide. Many new dramas and stars made their debut this year, and fans are obsessed. Despite the possibility that this is the case, the Pakistani drama business is currently undergoing a significant fundamental change as a result of the elimination of traditional love stories. The development of several plot elements that highlight societal issues is particularly appealing to contemporary writers and producers. A special place in the hearts of the viewers has been reserved for the recently shown dramas. These top Pakistani dramas of all time have captivated audiences in a big way thanks to their excellent material and short season length. Consider watching one of these top 10 dramas with a compelling story, spot-on language, and beautiful background music.

1. Jackson Heights

The hardships that Pakistanis face when staying outside of their country of birth are masterfully shown in this engaging drama, which is set in Jackson Heights, New York City. Viewers will feel as if they are a part of this show. Another masterpiece that provokes contemplation. A top-tier comedy-drama from Pakistan is Jackson Heights.

2. Sang-E-Mah

This unique drama series from Pakistan features popular performers like Atif Aslam and has a compelling plot. The focus of Sang-e-Mah is on tribal homes in metropolitan Pakistan and the sacrifices they make in the name of tradition. This one serves as a sequel to Sang-e-Mar-Mar, a story that concluded in 2017. The plot is intriguing, with elements of patriarchy, domestic violence, and honor killings in ancient societies.

3. Suno Chanda

The humor is spot on in this lovely series, and the feelings and love amongst the family members are beautifully conveyed. One of the most popular Pakistani dramas in Asia is this one. Watching Arsal and Ajiya's love-hate relationship is a lot of fun. One of the top dramas produced in Pakistan, it is a must-watch.

4. Phaans

Phaans is a drama about the negative side of relationships and the resulting mental and physical abuse. This drama emphasizes how the lower class feels pressured in a situation like this, although we have seen a lot of dramas with rape and sexual abuse as their central themes. Sami Khan, Ali Tahir, Shahzad Sheikh, Zara Noor Abbas, and Yashma Gill make up the principal cast of the drama.

5. Dil-Awaiz

The main character, Dil-Awaiz, experiences hardships throughout the narrative, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Star Plus shows we watched as children. Due to her mother's past, her father does not love her; therefore, she is left in the care of her stepmother and sister, who treat her horribly. Dil-Awaiz meets Sikander later in the story and develops feelings for him. However, Sikander eventually decided to wed her since he liked her step-sister.

6. Shehnai

In the list of so many depressing and serious dramas is a romantic comedy-drama called Shehnai, which is a treat for the audience. Although Ramsha Khan and Affan Waheed have worked together on many drama series, this one is guaranteed to stand out since they play Bakht and Meerab, in Shehnai.

7. Paristan

This show has a happy vibe despite the horrific character backstories. "Paristan" earned notoriety as a result of Merub and Junaid Khan Niazi's portrayal as a couple. Everyone adores the pairing of the two artists, and they do make a cute couple.

8. Pehli Si Muhabbat

The love narrative, Pehli Si Muhabbat, will fascinate you from the first to the last scene. The plot is about how the couple struggles through the worst possible situations to stay together forever. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Sheheryar Munawar, and Maya Ali are the principal cast of the drama series Pehli Si Muhabbat.

9. Fitoor

The idea behind this drama is just too brilliant and speaks to the crucial adjustments needed to achieve gender equality. If a woman could forgive a man for his past, then a man should also forgive a woman for hers. The on-screen energy is greatly enhanced by Wajah Ali and Hina Bukari.

10. Dunk

A harassment case is central to Dunk's storyline, but there is now a new factor to take into account. Viewers cannot risk missing any episodes of this Pakistani drama if they want to follow the entire plot, as each new episode begins with a new phase of the story. Sana Javed, Nauman Ijaz, and Bilal Abbas are among the prominent characters in Dunk.