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Daagh belonged to drama genre. It was actually a Pakistani show which used to come on ARY Digital from 14 October 2012 to 29 March 2013. Naveed Islam was the writer of the show, and Sarmad Khoosat   Sarmad Khoosat was born on May 7, 1979,in Pakis >> Read More... was the director. It broadcasted on Zindagi TV starting from 30 November 2015. It ended on 23 December 2015 with 24 episodes. AnB Entertainment Company produced the show while Faisal Gulzar was the editor of the show. Shoaib Farrukh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Farrukh Abid Farrukh Abid is a renowned music composer. He is i >> Read More... were the theme music composers, whereas the opening theme was sung by Alycia Dias Alycia Dias is a playback singer well known for he >> Read More... , music was given by Waqar Ali Waqar Ali is a talented Pakistani musician and sin >> Read More... , and written by SarwatNazir.

The cast of the show included Mehar Bano Syeda Mehar Bano Kazim or Meher Bano is a Pakistan >> Read More... aka Umama, Fahad Mustafa Fahad Mustafa or Sunny Tunio is a popular Pakistan >> Read More... aka Murad who is Umama's husband, Sana Askari aka Deeba who is Murad's second wife and cousin, Firdous Jamal Firdous Jamal is a renowned personality in the med >> Read More... aka Umama's father, Uroosa Qureshi aka Noreen who is Murad's sister, Sidra Batool Sidra batool is a Pakistani actress who worked in >> Read More... aka Umama's sister, YasraRizvi aka Rehana who is Murad's sister, and Shama Askari aka Murad's mother. The writer of the show is famous for writing shows which deal with social issues, and even in this show, the misery of awoman who is unable to give birth to a boy is shown.

The show revolves around the life of Umama, a house wife, who has four daughters. She belongs to a very middle-class family which comprises of her parents and two sisters. Her father is a very conservative man. Then, Umama gets married to Murad who also belongs to a middle-class family consisting of his mother and two sisters. Earlier, Deeba, Murad's cousin, was interested in him and wanted to marry him but Murad chooses Umama over her as his life partner. With passing time, four daughters are born by Umama, but her mother-in-law wishes to have a grandson for the family name's sake.

After the fourth daughter is born, Murad is forced by his mother to marry Deeba. After his marriage, Deeba tells him to divorce his first wife i.e. Umama. After some time, Deeba gives birth to twin boys and manages to earn great importance in Murad's eyes. This results in Murad neglecting Umama and their daughters. Umama keeps tolerating everything but after getting enough insults leaves Murad's house and starts working in a school. She now stays at her father's house. Murad comes to their rescue when one of the daughters is run over by a motorbike. He stays with them for sometime performing all fatherly duties, makes promises to them and even apologizes to Umama.

But their heart is broken again when he agrees to leave with Deeba when she comes there threatening him of divorcing. After this, Umama decides that she cannot let her daughters go through the same torment again and again. After getting separated from him, she has completed her studies and also has given the portion of the house that her father left for her on rent. Afterwards, it is revealed that Murad and Deeba's sons are having abnormalities in mental development which will increase with their age which makes Murad to realize his mistakes. It is shown as a sign of karma. Deeba and Ageela also regret and ask Murad to bring back Umama. Murad goes to Umama for forgiveness, but she denies returning with him instead she decides to live independently along with her daughters.

She straight forwardly tells him that she would teach her daughters to be proud of being women and not to feel bad about it, and also never to be dependent on someone else which can’t happen by staying with him. She wants them to have self-respect and self-worth which she was denied by first her father and then Murad. She didn’t want her daughters to feel that their father accepted them just because he had no choice. There was a very emotional scene in which Umama asked her daughters if they would always stand with her in worst situations also by saying that maybe they will have nothing.But her daughters innocently assured her of their support always.

They finally gave up all hopes they had on Murad and wanted to be independent. In the end, it is shown that life of Umama and her daughters finally become better after overcoming financial crisis. This show arises many questions like how much daughters are valued in this society. Is really having a son is all that matters? And if this is true then how can daughters prove their significance that they are also worth of everything and not just meant to give birth to sons and raise them? Why are women blamed for the gender of children when it is scientifically proved that they don’t have any hand in it? These questions always arise in the hearts of many women, girls who face situations like these and this show gives a platform to express them.

The show gave us the story of a man whose obsession for sons ruined his life, and he had to eventually pay for his injustice towards his wife and daughters. There is a lesson which this show gives to men like these. It also gives a teaching to women to fight against injustice and not to quietly tolerate everything which is a bit different from normal serials where women are portrayed as a selfless, forgiving personality


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