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Udaari Hindi TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Mohammed Ehteshamuddin’sUdaari debuted on Hum TV on 10 April 2016. The show while lasted for 25 episodes, breaks all barriers and cultural norms by exploring age-old taboos like child abuse, and harassment on the basis of gender, social and economic factors. The story centres around two different landscapes of Pakistan – the rural (Mirpur Village), and the urban (Lahore, Punjab) areas. In Mirpur, we are introduced to the families of two friendly neighbours– Sajida’s (SamiyaMumtaz) and Sheedan’s (Bushra Ansari).

Sheedan has a happy family by all standards; a husband - Maajid ( Rehan Sheikh Rehan Sheikh is a Pakistani actor, director, an ex >> Read More... ), and together they have a son, Ejaz (Saad), and a daughter, Meera (UrwaHocane). Sajida, on the other hand, is a single mother whose husband, Parvez died within years of their marriage, and as a result, she now has to earn her living by working as a serving-maid to care for her daughter, Zebo ( Areesha Ahsan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ). The story takes a turn when her brother-in-law, Imtiaz ( Ahsan Khan Ahsan Khan is a Pakistani actor born on 9th Octobe >> Read More... ) shows up. And as stories go, he wants to marry Sajida. She is reluctant at first but decides to marry him for her daughter’s betterment. Now although he seems like a gentleman at first, his intentions become clear soon after.

He is a paedophile in reality and tries to rape Meera, Shedaan’s daughter when she’s alone at home. Luckily for her, she is able to escape from him and immediately tells her mother about what happened. Sajida does not believe a word of Shedaan’s accusations against her husband. She puts her absolute blind faith and trust on Imtiaz. However, the truth about him soon comes to light when he tries to take advantage of his step-daughter, Zebo too. Seeing him for what he actually is, Sajida is not able to control herself and stabs him repeatedly. Believing him to be dead, she runs from her village and decides to lead a new life with new identities for both her and her daughter. Meanwhile, in Lahore, we meet four different characters who want to pursue music as their careers – Maleeha ( Malika Zafar Malika Zafar is an Urdu theatre and television act >> Read More... ), Haris ( Adnan Saeed Adnaan Saeed is an Urdu actor, disc jockey player, >> Read More... ), Arsh ( Farhan Saeed The dashing and handsome Farhan Saeed is a Pakista >> Read More... ), and Farwa ( Maryam Fatima Maryam Fatima is a Pakistani Actress/ Model. Born >> Read More... ). When they are presented with an opportunity to sing on television, Farwa’s mother refuses her to go along.

Their band, now without a lead vocalist, is incomplete. Soon after, by a chance encounter, Maleeha discovers Meera as a singer and she is quickly taken onboard as the lead singer of the group. Being mirasi's themselves, Meera and her mother have no problem with this pleasant change of pace. During several of their practice sessions, Arsh and Meera fall for each other. What happens next, shocks everyone – the band actually, goes on to win the first prize in the competition! Fast forwarding six years, we learn that Sajida and Zebo are leading a calm and composed life. However, to everyone’s surprise, Imtiaz somehow managed to survive, his only motivation being to get revenge on Sajida. He comes back to intervene in their lives, and gets her arrested for attempted murder.

Sajida, however, decides to remain quiet on account of her daughter and her safety. Arsh, who is now a successful lawyer, is told about the whole situation by Meera, and he decides to take on their case. He encourages Zebo to put on a brave face in the fight against Imtiaz and asks her, to tell the truth in open court. Another shocker comes in the form of Jamshed, Imtiaz’s friend. Just before the court proceedings, he appears as a witness for the crimes committed by Imtiaz. With Zebo’s and Jamshed’s testimonies, Imtiaz is finally sentenced to prison to answer for his crimes.

Sajida is released, and we see a well-deserved, better future for everyone. Arsh and Meera decide to marry each other. Sajida and Zebo construct a new life for themselves, and the show ends with just a hint of developing chemistry between Zebo and Ejaz.


Bushra Ansari Urdu Writer
DOB: 16 February 1954
Bushra Ansari
Kanwar Arsalan Urdu TV-Actor
DOB: 22 May 1989
Kanwar Arsalan
Afshan Qureshi Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 16 November 1949
Afshan Qureshi
Ayesha Omer Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 12 October 1981
Ayesha Omer
Nadia Jamil Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 9 October 1980
Nadia Jamil