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Meri Beti  Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV
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‘Meri Beti’ is a Pakistani drama serial which is being broadcasted in Hindi on ‘ Zindagi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ in India. The original version of this serial has been telecasted in Urdu in ‘ARY Digital’. This show has been directed by Badar Mehmood Badal Mehmood is a Pakistani director, who is know >> Read More... and has been written by Mohsin Ali Mohsin Ali is an actor, model and writer who has w >> Read More... . This show has been produced by Big Bang Entertainment. The show has been premiered on Zindagi from August 8, 2016.

Meri Beti is about a mother and daughter who are forced to separate due to certain circumstances. Situations force the mother to show the world that her daughter is her younger sister. The location of this story is set in Karachi, Pakistan.

Meri Beti is a tale about a woman named Saba and her daughter Iraj. Situations force Saba to divorce her husband and she returns to her mother’s home. Saba, Iraj and Ammi continue to live a peaceful life. Ammi doesn’t want her daughter to be all alone all through her life. She decides her daughter to be married again. She finds a guy named Faisal for her daughter. Ammi hides that Iraj is Saba’s daughter, instead she introduces Iraj as Saba’s younger sister. Saba marries Faisal and time passes. Saba and Faisal have a child. Iraj is brought up by Ammi with lot of love and care. Iraj marries a guy called Asad. Tough times start in their lives when the truth behind Saba and Iraj’s relationship comes into picture. The rest of the tale will be about how all the family members accept the truth and what turn it will take in their relationships.

The writer of this story Mohsin Ali, is a famous Pakistani writer who is known for his beautiful stories, touching hearts of the audience. The theme song for this serial ‘Bhoola Na Yeh Dil’ has been composed by Waqar Ali Waqar Ali is a talented Pakistani musician and sin >> Read More... and Sajjad Ali Sajjad Ali is a versatile singer from Pakistan who >> Read More... . Both Waqar and Sajjad are brothers from Lahore, Pakistan. They are well-known singers, music composers and poets.

The main lead of this serial Iraj is played by Arij Fatyma In many ways, it is remarkable that Arij Fatyma, o >> Read More... . The Child Iraj is played by Mariyam Khalif Mariyam Khalif is a Pakistani actress and model, w >> Read More... . Arij is a Pakistani actress and model. The role of Saba has been portrayed by Sabreen Hisbani Sabreen Hisbani is a Pakistani actress known for h >> Read More... , who is a known Pakistani television actress. The role of Ammi, Saba’s mother had been acted by Samina Peerzada It is quite remarkable to notice that many of the >> Read More... . The role of Saba’s second husband Faisal is portrayed by Shahood Alvi Shahood Alvi is a Pakistani TV Artist, Producer, a >> Read More... . The role of Iraj’s husband Asad is played by Junaid Khan Junaid Khan is a prominent Pakistani singer, songw >> Read More... .











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