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Alvida is a Pakistani serial. Alvida serial aired on Hum TV channel on every Wednesday at 8 pm. It is scripted by Samira Fazal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , directed by Shahzad Kashmiri Shahzad Kashmiri is a Pakistani cinematographer an >> Read More... , and produced by Momina Duraid   A phenomenal producer and a brilliant director, >> Read More... , Humayun Saeed Humayun Saeed has been known famously across Pakis >> Read More... , Shehzad Naseeb, under MD Productions Six Sigma Plus. Abdul Qudoos Kashmiri had done the cinematography for the serial, and editors are Mehmood Ali Mehmood Ali is one of our greatest comedian actors >> Read More... , Alam Azeemi, Ikhlaq Ahmed, Bilal Qureshi Bilal Qureshi is a well-known Pakistani actor. He >> Read More... . The Opening Theme of the Alvida serial is penned by Shafqat Amanat Ali Shafquat Amanat Ali Khan was born on February 26, >> Read More... and composed by Bilal Allah Ditta.

The story revolves around the central characters Haya and Hadi. Haya is a younger woman, who loves Hadi, a surgeon and Gynaecologist. Haya wants to marry Hadi, and she put hopes from her childhood and love him one side. Hadi goes abroad for his higher studies. Haya lives with Hadi's parents from her childhood after the death of her mother. Her other sisters Uroosa and Lubna, are living in different houses. Hadi comes back to his hometown, and he wants to marry Uroosa. Haya is heartbroken after knowing that Hadi loves her sister Uroosa. Haya made plans to stop their marriage, but those plans do not work, and Hadi marries Uroosa. Uroosa came to know that Haya is deeply in love with Hadi. However, she cannot do anything because the marriage is over.

Haya felt sad and gets out of Hadi's house to her friend's house. Hadi and Uroosa go for their honeymoon, and after some days, Uroosa becomes pregnant. Haya's friend's husband misbehaves with Haya, so she slaps him and goes to a girl's hostel. Meanwhile, the Uroosa delivery date arrives, and Hadi does the surgery. However, he can't save his wife. Hadi felt sad about Uroosa and blames himself that he is the reason for her death. To look after Uroosa's baby Fareesa came to their house, and she tempted for the wealth and want to marry Hadi to become rich. She tells Hadi's Mother that Hadi is interested to marry her. All these things make Hadi to Marry Fareesa.

Haya knows about Uroosa's death on Hadi's marriage night. Hadi later starts loving Haya, and he felt jealous about her colleague Rameez. The lead roles are played by Sanam Jung An acting career seems to be following a familiar >> Read More... as Haya, Imran Abbas as Hadi, Naveen Waqar Naveen Waqar, is a accomplished performer of Pakis >> Read More... as Uroosa, Sarah Khan Best known for her role in Bari Apa, Sarah Khan is >> Read More... as Fareesa, and Zahid Ahmed Zahid Ahmed is an Urdu theatre, film, and televisi >> Read More... as Rameez. Alvida serial premiered on 11 February 2015 and ended on 24 June 2015.


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