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Ruswai Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Ruswai is an Urdu word for an English word disgrace. This serial is broadcast on the Hum Tv channel. This serial revolves around Sameera, the main protagonist of this serial. She is a doctor by profession and is working at a hospital with Dr. Feroz. Sameera has an elder brother named Hamza and a younger sister named Rohina. She is in love with a guy named Salman, whose younger sister Warda is married to Sameera’s brother. Sameera is very close to her father and has decided to marry Salman. But Salman’s mother is against this marriage as she hates this family in which her daughter has been married. She tries every trick to separate Sameera and Salman. She introduces Salman to Pinky, who she considers the best choice as a bride for her son. But Sameera and Salman’s Nikkah takes place despite all plotting and planning. But after their marriage, a dreadful incident occurs.

Hamza, Warda, Sameera, and her father go to a restaurant to eat. As soon as they step out of the restaurant, a group of thugs tries to kidnap Warda. In an attempt to save Warda, Sameera jumps in front of them and grabs Warda so they cannot kidnap her and get snatched by the thugs instead. But her father, instead of saving his daughter, keeps on protecting Warda, knowing that if he left his daughter-in-law, she would be the one to be kidnapped. He cared more about his friend’s daughter rather than his daughter as now the respect of his family is dependent on his daughter-in-law, not his daughter, who is someones else responsibility, now that she is married. This breaks Sameera’s heart as she could have been saved, had her father grabbed her hand when she asked for help. When Sameera’s father returns home without his daughter, Sameera’s mother becomes furious. She wants to register a police complaint, but the family does not allow her to do so.

Sameera is found a day after, in torn clothes, covered in mud. This incident changes Sameera. Even after telling her family that she has been raped, her family does not allow her to file a police complaint. Salman also refuses to meet her. When he finally does meet her, his behavior towards her is completely changed. He refuses to talk to her about what happened and instead becomes abusive when she is unresponsive. He starts to beat her every day and forces her to leave her job. Doctor Feroz is furious. He advises Sameera to not give up on her job. He is one who bandages her when she comes beaten by her husband. Once Rohina and Sameera’s mother come to meet her and seeing her so severely beaten that she cannot leave her bed, take her to Doctor Feroz. After this, Rohina tries to commit suicide because of the pressure of the exams. This gives Sameera a reason to stay at her home for being there for her sister. During this time, she comes to know by chance that Salman is secretly meeting Pinky and is in love with her. She decides to divorce him. Sameera’s father, on knowing that his best friend’s son did this to his daughter, despite him saving Warda, becomes livid with anger. This leads him to death as he meets a car accident.

Meanwhile, Warda is pregnant, but because of her brother’s betrayal, she is thrown out of the house. Hamza was unaware of everything that was going in his sister’s life. On knowing that Hamza’s family is responsible for his father’s death and sister’s misery, the only thing he could do is throw Hamza out. Sameera is against this injustice by the hands of her family and consoles Warda. Salman has married Pinky. Warda is insulted by Pinky. This is eye-opening for Salman. He realizes that he still loves Sameera. But Sameera is now in love with doctor Feroz. Sameera files the case against her rapists. Outside the courtroom, the thugs shoot Sameera, but Salman takes her bullet. He dies professing his love for her. The serial takes a time-lapse of some years and it shows Sameera winning her case and her being happily married to Feroz. Also, Hamza has forgiven Warda and all are living happily.


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