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Besharam is a popular Pakistani TV show that first premiered on 10th February 2016. Besharam is a show that revolves around the glamour world and its mishaps and also the political world at the same time. The show aired on ARY digital and Shehzad Nasib and Humayun Saeed Humayun Saeed has been known famously across Pakis >> Read More... produced it. The series was of 21 episodes and was a much popoular TV series in Pakistan because it mainly focused on the young audiences and appealed to them in a very vulnerable way.

The story is written by Sarwat Nazir Sarwat Nazir, born in Lahore, Pakistan, is a Play  >> Read More... and is directed by Farooq Rind Farooq Rind is a Pakistani television director bes >> Read More... . The series revolves around a girl named Mishal who is one of the top models in Pakistan and is really focused on her career. Her father was a politician and a very reputed one but he killed himself when he heard his daughter's insult from his friends hence Mishal has turned really cold and is more focused on her work than the regular life. She now lives with her mother. Apart from Mishal there are two other characters called Sara and Sofia who also happen to be the leads of the show.

And along with these wonderful women there are two male characters called Haidar and Daniyal. Besharam is related to the social and political issues of glamour industry and as well as the political world and the struggles that follow. Haidar is a young aspiring politician, his main aim is the betterment of his country and making his country a better place to live in. Hamna is a young girl who is going to be married to her parental cousin Qadeer, who works as a government official and has a sister named Saba.

Sikandar is the brother of Haidar's father and he does not want Haidar to join politics. He wants Haidar to get married to Saba. But Haidar is so focused on his work and politics that he refuses to marry Saba. After Haidar refuses to marry Saba, Sikandar takes a decision that he will break Humna and Qadeer's marriage. On the other hand Mishal gets in to a relationship with a guy called Daniyal but has to break up with him because her mother gets together with Daniyal's father.

Later Mishal and Haidar are invited to a show where they have a couple of fights and arguments. They happen to challenge each others lives and they accept the challenge and end up getting married. After their marriage, she is not accepted by the family and her mother stops talking to her. This leads to a lot of problems but she faces them bravely. Khadina wants Haidar to leave Mishal because she is a model by profession. But they have started accepting themselves as a couple and later Mishal helps Hamna to get out of the marriage proposals. The cast of the show involves Saba Quimar as Mishal, Zaihid Ahmad as Haidar and Athika Odho as Sara.


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