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Urdu Tv Serial Tum Ho Wajah

Tum Ho Wajah Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Tum Ho Wajah is an Urdu serial broadcast on the HUM TV channel. A family consists of four sibling and their parents. The siblings are named Zain, Sitara, Babur, and Chanda. Zain goes to a school, Babur works for a living,and Chandais the beautiful one who orders her sister Sitara around. Sitara teaches her little brother Zain Maths. Shebiaka Shahabis the person whom Chanda talks with secretly. Their father is named Mansoor and has a brother named Muraad.Chanda never listens to her mom and her dad favors her always. Chanda meets Shebi in her friend’s wedding secretly and goes at a car with him. Chanda’s mom becomes worried when Chanda is not seen anywhere at the wedding. Mansoor believes that education is everything but Babur thinks differently and just runs after money. Chanda and Sitara are always fighting. Chanda lies about where she was at the wedding and told her mother that Sitara was lying about not being inside the house. Mansoor loves Chanda the most as their life changed for the better after she was born. Chanda wants to get married to a person Shahab. Muraadhates his sister-in-law as his brother gives all the money to his wife.

Muraad bets his money in gambling and is a bad person. Danish is in love with Sitara. Chanda talks all day with Shahab and her mother listens her talking with Shahab. Meanwhile, Shahab wants his parents to take the proposal of marriage for Chanda. Shahab’s parents disrespect Chanda’s mother. They blackmail her mother to say no to this marriage. Chanda thinks her mother has messed up with her Shahab’s parents. Shahab’s parents lie to him and Chanda is angry with her mother as Shahab’s parents lie that her mother refused to meet them. Muraad sees Chanda’s hatred for her mother and decides to use this against his sister-in-law. Shahab’s parents again lie that her parents refused to this marriage.Shahab thinks that Chanda’s mother disrespected his parents and he is the one who urges Chanda to force her mother to go and apologize to his parents. Shabab’s parents just want him to get married to a girl of their choice. She fights with her mom and forces her to apologize to Shahab’s parents. Chanda runs to her uncle for help and Chanda and Shahab get married. Chanda’s father comes to know about her departure from her home. Neither do Shahab’s parents know where she is. His parents throw them out of the house when they come home married.


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