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Mahanadi Kannada TV SERIALS on UDAYA TV
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Mahanadi is a Kannada TV serial, aired on Zee Kannada. Directed by Shruti Naidu, this serial is a great hit. Broadcasted on five days that is from Monday to Friday at 7 pm it is of type drama genre. Premiered for the first time on 4 July 2016, it has a runtime of half an hour. With a huge target audience, this show can be entertainment for all the members of the family. It is Sandalwood actor, Nagakiran's first debut serial and is in the lead role. He is a politician and has a strong urge to become an MLA. He wants to marry a girl, Meghana, to succeed in his political career. The first episode started with Narsimurthy distributing ‘prasad' to all his colleagues.

He has two daughters. Unfortunately, he lost the elder one. He is celebrating his daughter’s tenth death anniversary and thus distributing ‘prasad.’ Later in the episode, a man named Prakash, who is interested in marrying Narsimurthy's older daughter, Meghana, meets him. However, Narsimurthy denies the proposal, as he does not want to give his daughter’s hand before her job gets permanent. Later, Madhura's father approaches her to convince Meghana to marriage. She is angry about this and does not want to marry anyone. She hates men. She thinks that all men are equal and holds every man responsible for her elder sister’s death.

The next episode aired on 7 July starts on a light note. Meghana bends down to pick up the pen where Vikram misunderstands it and thinks she is bowing down before him and blesses her. Meghana is angry about this but keeps calm. She works as a teacher in a school and is trying very hard to get her job permanent. Therefore, she visits the government office to request and convince them. Vikram Sinha is full of determination to make the district completely literate. Meghana joins the tape cutting ceremony after she is forced to come and has so much hatred in her heart for Vikram.

It turns out to become love and later into marriage. In the final episodes, Meghana conceives a baby and tells this good news to her husband, Vikram. He is excited about it and starts taking her extra care. The story ends on a happy note. This show gained success and popularity. It won many awards. The first promotional trailer of the show also got many likes. The attempt of a political storyline with romance was a good combination. It completed 260 episodes and ended on 15 May 2017.




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