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Other names : Tashan-e-Ishq
Tashan E Ishq Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV
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The serial Tashan- e- Ishq is a Hindi romantic drama created by Essel Vision Productions. This show is currently being telecasted on Zee TV, which is one of the most famous entertainment channels in Hindi Television Media. This story has been written by ‘Vandana Tiwari’, ‘Sudhir Kumar Singh’, and ‘ Divyana Khanna Divyana Khanna is an Indian freelance story writer >> Read More... ’. ‘ Harneet Singh Harneet Singh is a talented Indian Hindi screenwri >> Read More... ’ gave dialogues to this show, and it is being screenplayed by ‘Gitangshsu Dey’. ‘ Santram Verma Santram Verma was born in 1970. He is a male direc >> Read More... ’ is the director of this show. It has completed a total of 257 episodes. The producers of the show are ‘ Subhash Chandra Subhash Chandra is an Indian millionaire media bar >> Read More... ’ and ‘ Nittin Keni Nittin Keni had traversed a different road to prov >> Read More... ’. The show premiered  on August 10, 2015, and is running successfully till date. The main cast of the show are ‘ Jasmin Bhasin Jasmin Bhasin initially started her career as a M >> Read More... ’ as Twinkle, ‘ Sidhant Gupta Sidhant Gupta is a well-known model and Indian fil >> Read More... ’ as former Kunj , ‘ Naman Shaw Naman was born on 18th December 1982 in Kolkata ,w >> Read More... ’ as the new Kunj a.k.a Rocky singh, and ‘ Zain Imam Born on May 18, 1988, Zain Imam is an Indian telev >> Read More... ’ as Yuvraj and there are some supporting cast as well.

This show is a story which revolves around three characters majorly Kunj, Yuvraj and Twinkle. The story has not only romance, but also the rivalry that turns out to be love at the later stages. These three characters give a picture of all the emotions including love, affection, angry, betrayal, and jealousy. This story comes from a Punjabi background, though it is being shot in both Punjab and Delhi. This story starts from Twinkle and Yuvraj being in love with each other, despite their mothers being enemies. Though it is being shown in the beginning episodes that they both are in love with each other, later it is revealed that Yuvraj acted of loving her just to take revenge for his mother. But Twinkle not knowing this loves him whole-heartedly. Finally, their love is broke up when she decides to choose her mother over him and hates him for cheating on her.

Later, Twinkle gets married to Kunj, a rich and young man who always cared for her. Kunj loved Twinkle and saved her from all sorts of troubles. Yuvraj knowing about the marriage of Kunj and Twinkle tries to create troubles in their lives. In spite of his plans to destroy their married life, he could not succeed in it. Every time when Yuvraj tried to divide them, they came more close to each other. But the story takes a major twist wherein the feelings of Yuvraj and Twinkle towards each other changes when she saved him once.

From that moment Yuvraj thinks of not harming them and not to interfere in their married life. He also saves them from his mother, but Yuvraj’s mother will be sent to jail at a point. Though Yuvraj saved them, Twinkle is still in a negative feeling towards Yuvraj even after he has changed. Finally, one day the news is heard that Twinkle is pregnant with Kunj’s child. But there comes a turn in the story where Kunj dies, and Twinkle is in shock because of his death. So Kunj’s mom decides to get Twinkle married to Yuvraj as it would be difficult for her to raise the child as a single mother. Unfortunately, she loses her baby.

The story then takes a five year leap. Though it is shown that Kunj is dead but actually he is not. But his face has changed drastically and got it replaced. After getting his face replaced by Rocky Singh Rocky Singh is an author, and an anchor well known >> Read More... who is a world famous boxer, Kunj returns to his family. He gets shocked by looking at Twinkle and Yuvraj married. At this sight, he gets away from his house not revealing the truth. He then thinks of taking revenge against their family and Twinkle along with his doctor, as they have forgotten him and cheated on him. He hates Twinkle for having replaced his position with Yuvraj. But he does not know the fact that though she is married to Yuvraj, she still loves Kunj.

Though the serial is going on successfully, the viewers are in a confusion of, whom will Twinkle choose for her life? Is it Kunj or Yuvraj? But in reality, the pair of Twinkle and Kunj is very famous as it expressed each and every detail of the emotion very well. This serial has bagged many awards at Zee Rishtey Awards like-Favourite Maa Beti Rishta, Favourite Nayi Jodi, Favourite Dulhara Dushman, Favourite Dard Bhara Rishta and Favourite Dialogue, etc. This serial is telecasted not only in India but also in Pakistan on the channel A plus.

Another Version of the Serial...

Tashan-E-Ishq is an Indian romantic drama TV series produced by Subhash Chandra under Essel Vision Productions, replacing Jodhaa Akbar Click to look into! >> Read More... , and aired from August 10, 2015, to September 16, 2016. It features Sidhant Gupta, Jasmin Bhasin, Zain Imam, Twinkle Taneja, and Yuvraj "Yuvi" Luthra. In the context of Punjab, it revolved around their lives and their relationship of love, hate, betrayal, and obsession. The international title of this series is Fire and Ice, broadcast on Zee World. Twinkle Taneja and Yuvraj Luthra fall madly in love, but their mothers(Leela Taneja and Anita Luthra) are rivals. During a fight between Leela and Anita, Leela challenges her to get a wedding ring for Twinkle in 5 days. Twinkle is upset and meets Yuvraj. He suggests they should run away. Leela wants Twinkle to marry Kunj Sarna, so Manohar and Leela meet for their child's wedding ring.

Twinkle packs his bag and runs away with Yuvraj, then she realises that she was being selfish and that her plan would harm her mother and her love, and she decides not to run away with Yuvi. Yuvraj is very angry and breaks up with her. Twinkle's alliance with Kunj Sarna. She decides to settle the problem with Yuvi, but they argue. Manohar meets Kunj and scolds him. Manohar is a hot-tempered person and a dominating husband and also very religious. Kunj's mother dislikes Twinkle as they had a bad interaction the first time they met. Yuvi is upset to see Kunj and Twinkle together at the party. Yuvi and Twinkle reconcile. Kunj pretends to be a characterless and cheap boy. So, he hunts Twinkle because he is in love with Alisha. Twinkle tells his mother that Kunj is a creep, but Leela refuses to believe her. Everyone proceeds with the Roka, and this angers Yuvi. The story goes on.


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Sharad Malhotra
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