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Directed by Mehreen Jabbar   Mahreen Jabbar is a New York-based TV Director/ >> Read More... , this Pakistani drama focuses on the emotions of four people, who live in a foreign country leaving their origin behind. Written by Larry Pontius, this show's star cast included Deepti Gupta, Mahira Khan, Ahsan Khan and Humayun Saeed. It used to air in 2011 on ARY Digital. In India, it aired on the channel Zindagi every Monday to Saturday at 10:20 pm from 22 December 2015.

Set in the city of New York, Neeyat showcased the story of a Pakistani citizen Sikander, who worked and lived on a temporary visa. He loved a girl named Aaila, who belonged to a very powerful political family in Pakistan but was pursuing his master's degree from Columbia University. Aaila and Sikander's relationship went through a strenuous phase when she realised that he might have to move back to Pakistan because he was made redundant. In order to stop him from going, she suggested him to marry an American citizen on a contractual basis as that would have allowed him to live in the country. Sikander denied her idea stating legal complications but Aaila convinced him. Call it fate, she ran into a girl name Mariam, an American citizen of Pakistani origin. S

he worked as a part-time waitress and a struggling actor. It was quite difficult for her to make her ends meet. When Aaila presented her the proposal of having money and a place to live in exchange of marrying Sikander, she readily agreed. After they got married, Mariam started developing feelings for Sikander and became attuned to living in a comfortable home leading a stable life. So, she slowly created a rift between Sikander and Aaila and successfully made them apart. Devastated on being apart from Sikander, Aaila turned to seek comfort in Ismaeel, a photographer friend of hers, who had strong feelings for her. They grew close and Ismaeel finally proposed to her.

Hesitant at first, she accepted the proposal thinking that she needed to move on as Sikander had done the same. On the other hand, trying to balance his life and terribly missing Aaila, Sikander ran into her one day and was surprised to find that she had been engaged. Aaila too, is shattered once she found that Sikander had married Mariam. Two broken hearts struggle to decide the course of their life. Ismaeel continuously struggled for Aaila's attention and after a while, it was revealed that he suffered from a mental disorder and would require treatment for the same. Mariam, who was blackmailed by her ex-fiancé, found it hard to hide the truth from Sikander and live a happy life.

Sikander and Aaila, both spent their days and nights in pain and regret until one day Mariam finally decided to leave Sikander. Aaila and Sikander agreed to start afresh and they hope for a better future, together.


Zahid Ali Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 2 February 1980
Zahid Ali
Amit Behl Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 30 October 1965
Amit Behl
Kajal Nishad Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 1 June 1982
Kajal Nishad
Arvind Trivedi Hindi Movie Actor
DOB: 8 November 1938
Arvind Trivedi
Ahwaan Kumar Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 26 March 1983
Ahwaan Kumar
Anirudh Dave Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 21 July 1986
Anirudh Dave