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Starring Saira Yousuf, Faizan Khawaja Faizan Khawaja is a Pakistan television actor. He >> Read More... and Adnan Siddique, and written by 'Hoor Shumail,' Ru Baru is a Pakistani show which airs on Hum TV. This romantic drama, directed by Saif e Hassan, shows the story of a young girl Shabeeh, who lost her parents and now lives with her uncles and grandmother in their home. Originally aired in Pakistan, this show is now broadcasted in India on Zindagi channel under the same name. With only one season being made which consists of 16 episodes, Ru Baru managed to grab the prime time slot of 8 pm every Thursday in Pakistan.

The show premiered on 9th January 2014. Shabeeh, who is an orphan as she lost her parents, lives in the house of uncles with her grandmother. The taunts and insults from her aunts and cousins dominate her life and make it miserable making her realise that nothing, other than her grandmother, is hers. She is constantly reminded of the fact that the house that she lives in, is not her own. Facing all the rejection thrown her way, Shabeeh turn to art to take refuge in it. Her love for clay knows no bounds as her artistic side comes out while playing. But her grandmother gets her engaged with her cousin's friend Sarmad. Sarmad, who is a close friend of Shabeeh's cousin, visits him one day and finds out that Shabeeh is the daughter of his step mother. In order to take revenge from Shabeeh for the betrayal that his father had given to his mother because of Shabeeh's mom, Sarmad breaks off his engagement and marries Shabeeh.

Once they are married, Shabeeh finds out that Sarmad is her step-brother, as he was the step son of her late mother, Neelam. She comes across the obsessive and emotional personality of Sarmad. Already leading a difficult life, Shabeeh finds no other alternative to her current situation but adjust with her husband. In order to understand how her late mother became Sarmad's step mother, the story goes in flashback. It is shown that Neelam, who studied in University in Turkey was a student of Taimoor, Sarmad's father. Taimoor and Neelam loved each other a lot, yet couldn't stay together as Taimoor was married and had a son. Neelam persuaded him to leave his wife, but Taimoor didn't leave any of them. Neelam goes back to Pakistan. When her family comes to know about the relationship, they get upset and angry and her brother decides to get her married to the first person that sends a proposal to her.

Neelam refuses to marry but nobody listens to her. She is thus married to a boy who loves her a lot and takes proper care of her, and asks for nothing in return. Neelam gives birth to their daughter, Shabeeh. Taimoor, on the other hand, realises he can't live without Neelam and comes to Pakistan. Depressed from the fact that her husband has an affair with Neelam, Taimoor's wife becomes extremely depressed and falls from the stairs and dies. When Taimoor comes to know that his wife is dead, he asks Neelam to divorce her husband. She cleverly does the same and leaves her new born daughter with him.

As soon as her husband comes to know about her marriage with Taimoor, he goes into shock and dies. When Neelam comes to live with Taimoor's family, she treats him harshly. Sarmad had seen his mother dying in front of him and such callous treatment of Neelam effects the poor kid a lot and he decides to kill Neelam. He poisons Neelam's tea but Taimoor drinks it and dies. Seeing this, she too, kills herself by drinking the same poison and Sarmad is then taken by his uncle. Because of this, Sarmad had become what he was in the present and gives a hard time to Shabeeh. Will things become sorted become them? The story tells us.


Abhijit Lahiri Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 24 October 1954
Abhijit Lahiri
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Alok Nath
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DOB: 28 November 1978
Gurpreet Singh
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DOB: 23 May 1963
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