Rani Agarwal is an Actress, and she started her career in the Hindi Film Industry from her role in the movie, Love Recipe. The movie was a milestone in Rani’s career and depicted the life of a couple fighting for their love with their parents. However, the movie did not receive much appreciation. Rani Agarwal was born in Mumbai and studied hard to become a Chartered Accountant and studied hard for her economics background. However, she also had an acting bug from a very young age and she loved being in front of the camera. It is known that at the tender age of 4 she was acting for a serial named Hasratein that featured on Zee TV. She also continued doing acting in ads on TV and Print. She has a pleasing girl next door image and is determined to make her mark in the film industryand she is said that she will work her way up the ladder of entertainment and glamour. Rani is loved for her image, looks and the way she plays her characters. Critics say she brings a performance of much dignity and respect, and she carries herself beautifully within the character. Rani’s parents did not have any association with the world of movie before she made her place in the industry.