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Saathi is a Bengali soap opera aired on Sun Bangla from 7th February 2022. Anumita Dutta is the female lead, named Brishti who lost her parents in an accident and ended up in an orphanage. A man named Ananda Thakur raised her like his own daughter. She is a headstrong girl for whom Ananda Thakur and the kids of the orphanage are her family. She can go to any extent to keep them safe and happy. On the other hand, Om Sanyal [ Indrajeet Bose Indrajeet Bose is a Bengali Television actor. Bose >> Read More... ] is a very successful criminal lawyer who doesn't believe in love and marriage but loves his family. Losing his childhood love at a very young age made him quite cynical and emotionless. Circumstances force Brishti to marry Om and he eventually becomes a part of her family. Although they are as different as day and night, destiny has its own plan stored for them. What happens when two different worlds collide, watch Saathi relish their beautiful journey loaded with cute fights.

Saathi is an adaptation of a popular Tamil serial- Roja. Friends Communications is the creator and developer of this serial. Sudip Pal is the writer of the compelling dialogues of the serial. The director's (Akash Sen) skillful directions brought the storyline to life. The serial has only 1 season with 615 episodes in total. The narrative presents a compelling tale blended with emotions. The story revolves around how Brishti and Om cross each other paths. Both of them have different perspectives of the world and love especially. The narrative fascinates the viewers to find out how they will impact each other perspective. All the actors in the cast have given their best efforts to bring their characters to life. As the narrative unfolds, the viewers witness the character development of Brishti and Om. Saathi explores complicated relationships, family bonds, and the human spirit.

The narrative offers a range of emotions like love, hate, and confusion. Another fascinating thing about the serial is its catching title song -Oh oh oh oh Saathi re. The song beautifully aligns with the storyline of the show. This melodious title song attracts the viewers more. Produced by Firdausul Hasan   Firdausul Hasan is an Indian producer who worke >> Read More... and Probal Haldar of Friends Communication, Saathi is a heartwarming tale that connects with the hearts of their fans. It brilliantly portrays the human emotions and societal norms. It is one of the remarkable additions to the Bengali TV serials.

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