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Urdu Tv Serial Mere Meherbaan

Other names : Mera Meherbaan
Mere Meherbaan Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV

Mere Meherbaan is a Pakistani family drama TV serial that aired on HUM TV. The story revolves around the life and family of two women and their families. The main focus of the plot is on their daughters, Shaista and Nayyara. Shaista is a negative person and is very selfish. She has made her husband’s life a living hell. Her personality has influenced her daughter’s personality too. She has two daughters Muskaan and Iraj. They both are also selfish, rude, and aggressive toward their cousins. Nayyara is Shaista’s cousin and lives in the same family because she married Shaista’s brother-in-law. Nayyara is completely opposite to Shaista as she is a very positive, kind, and respectful person. She has also given a very good upbringing to her daughters Fala and Haya. They both are mature and kind-hearted young women.

Another Version of the Serial...

Mere Meherbaan is a Pakistani serial that premiered on 10th October 2014 on Hum TV. The serial focuses on the lives of Waseer and Naseer, two brothers who are married to two cousins, Nayyara and Shaista, respectively. Both couples have three children, but the families are poles apart. Shaista is a selfish and jealous woman because Nayyara, her cousin, is married to Waseer, who is more wealthy than her husband. Although Nayyara is wealthy she is down to earth and her daughters are kind, unlike Shaista's children, who are greedy and ill-mannered. The story escalates when Shaista's son, Zeeshan, likes Nayyara's daughter Haya.

Zeeshan confessed his love for Haya to his father and Haya's mother, and both families were delighted; however, Shaista disapproved of this marriage and refused to accept Haya as her daughter-in-law. What happens next? Watch to find out. Mere Meherbaan is an Urdu Language drama serial. It was written by Maha Malik and directed by Farooq Rind. The lead cast of the serial includes Mohsin Gillani as Naseer, Mehmood Akhtar as Waseer, Ismat Zaidi as Nayyara, Rabia Noreen as Shaista, Agha Ali as Zeeshan, and Ayeza Khan as Haya. Watch Mere Meherbaan on Dailymotion's website.