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Afshan Qureshi is a Pakistani film star. She started her journey to stardom about three decades ago, which makes her one of the eldest members of the Pakistani film industry. The actress is also the mother of Faisal Qureshi Faisal Qureshi is a well-known Pakistani anchor an >> Read More... , who’s a very famous and loved actor of Pakistan.

Not much about her personal life has been revealed except for the fact that she married Abid Qureshi, who was the brother of Riffat Qureshi, a sound specialist in Pakistani movies during the 60s and 70s.

Faisal is her only son with husband Abid. This Pakistani beauty started her career with Sindhi films. But soon she started gaining recognition for her excellent work and was cast in Lollywood films. Like most other actors, her Lollywood career started with small roles, but soon she started getting major roles offered in the movies.

In the year 1970, she became famous for her role in the movie ‘Sachchai’. Afshan’s role in the drama serial named ‘Andhera Ujala’ also gained much appreciation. Afshan’s first film in Urdu, titled ‘Janwar’, was released in the year 1972. She continued delivering hits after that. Films like ‘Ab Ghar Jaane Do’, ‘Muhabbat Aur Dosti’, ‘Anmol Muhabbat’ and ‘Awaz’ were super hits and became immensely popular.

The versatility of this actress is marked by the fact that she has acted in films of various genre and also in different languages. She has also acted in ‘Larki Punjaban’, which is a Punjabi film. Films apart, she has also worked in drama serials, of which ‘Andhera Ujala’ is noteworthy. Her works in Sindhi serials include ‘Bhari Moorat’ and ‘Preen Ja Musafir’. Currently, she is working in many drama serials such as ‘Qurbani Ke Bakre’ and ‘Man O Sawla’.


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