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Anamika was a thriller and horror genre series telecasted on Maa Gold from 15 November 2013. It was a Hindi serial by Sony Pictures Entertainment dubbed into Telugu by Maa TV for entertainment of Telugu Audience. The story revolves around Jeetu and Anamika. Jeetu is a simple young man who was a boxer who turned into a business man later. Jeetu gets to know Anamika under strange circumstances and knows that she is a witch. Anamika loves Jeetu and tries to cast a love spell on him only to live with her. Her only desire being to become a mother to his child and live with him happily ever after. She makes many attempts to make him fall in love with her but her efforts are always in vain.

Jeetu though seems to be fallen in love for Anamika for a short while, later realises she is a witch and marries his childhood friend Rano. Anamika gets mad knowing about this and starts possessing Rano thus tormenting Jeetu and his family members. Rani kills herself to get rid of Anamika but her soul fails to leave this world. Rani's spirit helps Jeetu to get closer to Eesha his secretary at office, where Anamika gets reborn to take over Jeetu and this time succeeds in seducing him to consummate her relation. Anamika gets pregnant but her desire now changes to keep Jeetu with her forever. In order to accomplish her desire she takes Jeetu's soul hiding his body but for his family members to discover.

Eesha gets to find Jeetu in the same underworld. With help of spiritual arsenal Eesha and Jeetu succeed to kill Anamika and return to their bodies respectively. Viewers get to quirk when a baby arrives at door steps, and later get thrilled to know that baby was born to Anamika impregnated by Jeetu. This scary note arrives on the day while all family members are celebrating Eesha's birthday as well as Eesha's pregnancy. This serial was last aired on 7th May 2014 with a feel for sequel to Anamika's return in form of baby girl. Viewers are looking for a get back of this series in Telugu as well as Hindi. This is unique and one of the series with anxious ending to closure.