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Bommarillu Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
11th September 2013 was released on Gemini TV, Bommarillu. For sure is one of the most interesting series that Gemini TV ever broadcasted. With only 35 episodes, since from the release date was on top of the viewers. Actor stars like Rabsha, Baadshah, Nukta Barve, Narasimba Raju, Vinoh Bala, Yadhav Vijay, Anju Asrani Anju Asrani is a North Indian and she is from Sura >> Read More... , they really make it. Bommarillu was broadcasted every Saturday at 9PM.

Bommarillu is based after the Vasireddy Seethadevi novel and presents the human relationships.

The series presents the good parts of a person and the bad ones. Anju Asrani is the main character of the series and he is a medical student and even he study, he has to work a lot to take care of his family. Anju is in love with a beautiful and a very good girl with a huge heart. Raju also loves a lot Anju and they take care of each other. They met each other in Medical College and they are classmates. This thing for the moment it doesn’t disturb them but with time, as the novel says is brings out the best and the worst of a person. Even they love a lot they have to face many problems at college and back home. Is a really interesting series and as the critics say is a must watch series.