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Abhinandana Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Abhinandana is Telugu daily serial which was telecasting in MAA TV. The show was a dubbed version of ‘Parichay’ which was a Hindi serial which telecasted on Colors TV on 9th Aug, 2011. The show was from production house of Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Tele films. The show was written by R M Joshi and directed by Ravindra Gautam. The main cast were ‘Kunal Chopra’ played by Samir Soni and ‘Siddhi’ played by Kirti Nagpure.

The story is about kunal Chopra who was a successful lawyer initially but later fails in his career. He lost interest towards his life and lives a pathetic life until siddhi enters his life. Kunal’s life got boon after he marries Siddhi and he fulfil his dreams. During beginning of the show kunal’s brother ‘Anand’ falls in love with Siddhi and they love each other. Everything was set right for their marriage but Richa, who loves Kunal, enters in to their life and Anand moved to meet her, but dies in an accident on the day on which there marriage was set. Later Kunal marries Siddhi. Progressing, Siddhi falls for Kunal due to his affectionate love. Kunal will be leading a successful life form then but again Richa will be back with vengeance and in unavoidable situations, Siddhi goes to jail where Kunal will be taking over the case. Finally the story ends up with Kunal’s family accepting Siddhi and brings her home.

The plot goes with a family drama which sets the viewers to glue to the televisions for watching the serial. The serial ran successfully till the end with good TRP ratings and it ended on 15 Mar, 2013 which telecasted on Colors. The show has been dubbed in to Tamil as” Mayakkam Enna” which aired on Polimer TV.

Other dubbed versions of the serial :

Parichay | Hindi | Colors TV

Mayakkam Enna | Tamil | Polymer Tv | Old