Tamil Tv Show Vaanga Pesalaam

Other names of : Vanga Pesalam
Vanga Paesalam Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Vaanga Pesalaam is a Tamil light- hearted television serial which used to air on Sun TV channel. Every episode in the series of the show is of round 15 min. The first episode of the serial was telecasted in 2012 on the network. It is a chat show where in the host of the series Bharathi Bhaskar and Raja who are excellent orators talk to prominent personalities about the current affairs and the things happening in the existing world. It is a light-hearted talk show where in the notable people are invited for the chat to be done with the hosts and also with the audience.

Some of the people who were invited as guests on the sets were Livingstone, Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy, Delhi Ganesh Delhi Ganesh is one of the veteran Tamil actors, b >> Read More... Delhi Ganesh , etc. The original language of the series is Tamil and every episode is in the same language. The serial is still on-going on the channel and is gaining a lot of popularity among the viewers. Due to this different concept and unique way of discussing the current affairs on the television, it is been liked a lot by the spectators and also help in increasing the TRPs.

The folks also get to know about the latest and trending topics in the society and in the world and also get aware of them. Thus they also get full knowledge about it and thus could sometimes make their own viewpoint or opinions. It is a proper chat show wherein every speaking person is given a mike to speak out his/her thoughts and then the viewpoints of others are also been heard by each and every one present over there. Thus they come up to a conclusion while keeping all thee opinions given by the people who actively participated in the conversation. 

The show is been liked a lot by the viewers and have also gained a lot appreciation from them thus it is the reason why it has been running so successfully on the network for so many years. Thus the channel is also in no mood to close the serial so soon. The series aims in imparting information to the audience and thus giving them full knowledge of the situation and things and about the latest current affairs of the country and also of the world. Thus they have a healthy chat on the sets and thus it the thing which is most liked and loved by the people.