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Satyamev Jayate is a television chat based show to discuss major issues prevailing in the country. The host for the show was famous Bollywood star Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... . The show not just dealt with the issues existing in the country in detail but also concentrated on ways to solving the problem. It aired on various channels within the Star Network including Star Utsav, Star Jalsha, Star Pravah, Star Vijay, and Asianet as well as on Doordarshan’s DD National. The show had three seasons. The first one started on 6th May 2012 whiles the second one on 2nd March 2014 and the third season on 5th October 2014. Satyamev Jayate was even dubbed into some other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Marathi and telecasted all over the country. Also, the show aired in some other places outside India including Seychelles, Papua New Guinea, Isle of Man, Djibouti, and Sierra Leone and not just in India.

The main aim of the show was to make people aware of things that happen in the country on the basis of real life experiences. People were called to be a part of these discussions and express their views. The reason for this was to make others aware and to prevent these things from happening to them. The show dealt with issues like female foeticide, rape, honour killings, untouchability, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, as well as the criminalization of politics. Also, the aim was to bring stories to people to light. These would include not just stories of struggle and bad experiences but also of victory as to how people have overcome the troubles they face.

Satyamev Jayate is not just about the struggle the people face but also recognising those individuals who have not gained any appreciation for a lot of things that they have done for the society. In spite of such controversial issues and topics that it raised, Satyamev Jayate had received a lot of positive responses from the people. Taking up a show like this in India where people are not very open to discussing such issues is a very challenging task. The show was not just a television series but also one a kind of movement to change the mindset of the people. Through the show, the makers tried to do one thing which is to make a difference. It was like an eye-opener for millions. It even received a lot of negative remarks like it was quite improbable that through such few episodes, a show could just change ideas so soon. It is certainly not that feasible. However, Satyamev Jayate is still counted as one of the best reality shows shown on Indian television.