Tamil Tv Show Sabash Sariyana Sirippu

Sabash Sariyana Sirippu  Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar Sirippoli

Sabash Sariyana Sirippu is a Tamil show in which the hosts call a few people, and have them mimic scenes from Tamil movies. It is a comedy show and hence the callers would need to mimic the scenes from Tamil comedy films. The show starts with the host coming in from behind the screen. The camera is static which makes it feel like there is one camera for the whole show.

Behind them there is a graphic of balloons flying towards the sky. There is a big gift box behind them in the corner of the screen. With it being half an hour long, the hosts start by telling a few jokes. Other than the camera, they too look static by standing at the same place. All their hand gestures are done while their legs are firmly on the ground. Being an entertainment serial, its main job is to keep the audience busy.

Most of us would probably wouldn't watch it daily like we watch other soap operas. We might not even wait for it to be aired. It is a kind of show where while we are bored with everything which is being shown on television, we keep browsing channels and suddenly we stumble upon a show which has the potential of keeping us engaged for a few minutes.

Being half an hour long, most of us wouldn't watch the whole thing. The serial is based on showing clips from various Tamil comedy movies. The hosts talk about something, and they relate it to a comedy movie. It is obvious that they cannot keep on showing the clips, and in the middle of the show they sometimes also have callers. The callers are connected via a speaker. The anchors and the caller talk for few minutes, most of the times it is just over five minutes. They have a small chat for sometime and then the caller is given a task to perform.

He is asked to mimic an animal. The animal is chosen according to the clip which will be shown. Other than mimicking animals, he can also be asked to imitate the voices of actors of the host’s choice. This goes on for half an hour. There are many shows which are similar to Sabash Sariyana Sirippu. The serial is telecasted on Vijay TV.