Tamil Tv Show Ragasiya Kelvigal

Ragasiya Kelvigal Tamil tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Ragasiya Kelvigal is a serial on Vasanth TV. It is a show where queries about your sex lives are answered. Reputed sexologist, Mr. Kamaraj, answers all the questions which are sent to him, over the duration of twenty-five minutes. He talks about the sex problems among teenagers, youth, middle aged men and women, and old people. While answering the question nobody's name is mentioned.

The show respects complete anonymity. The problems can be sex related disease or the people might be seeking advice on how to improve their sex life. The show is answered in Tamil. The questions can be related to erectile dysfunction or impotency. He also helps by recommending necessary treatments. He informs about the places and doctors who can help with the problem in hand.

He sits in the set, with a green background, which looks likes he is in a time machine. There is a laptop in front of him from which he reads the queries. A slide is shown with the questions written on it. He later answers the questions and the main points are shown on screen. A person can send him the queries through mail or email. If none of the two things mentioned is possible, a person can also call the producers of the show on a toll free number and have their query registered, which will be later answered on the serial.

In a country where people are shy to openly talk about their sexual problems, Ragasiya Kelvigal offers a platform for doubts to be cleared. People ask about how to initiate the sexual act when they are newly married. There are various concerns relating to satisfying the other person, contraception, safety, procedure, and a lot more. Some questions are stupid, really stupid, but the doctor takes no offense and answers them in a humorous way.

While sending the questions, it is important to mention your age, as the medication required might be different for different people. The doctor also gives advice on the new products available in the market. He informs whether those products will have any side effects or not. The questions can range from a single line to a big paragraph. Dr. Kamaraj answers about five to ten questions per episode. The show is aired daily in the mornings.