Tamil Tv Show Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan

Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan Tamil TV SHOWS on Mega TV

Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan is an informative show in the Tamil language that was aired on the channel, Mega TV. Mega TV is a Tamil entertainment channel that is owned by a former minister, K.V. Thangkabalu. The show Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan was launched in the year 2013. The show did not have a fixed timing. The show was aired at different time slots during its running. Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan is not exactly a full-blown show but is a major segment in a Tamil show called Pengal dot com on Mega TV.

Pengal dot com is a show that showcases different forms of art and fashion trends and other interesting things. Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan is the name of the fashion segment of the show. The segment does not have a fixed duration. It runs from somewhere between five minutes to fifteen minutes. Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan showcases the latest fashion trends and provides the information about their availability. Everyone loves to make statements with their fashion sense, and every likes to dress fashionably.

We always are on the lookout for latest fashion trends and style statements by actors, actresses and other popular celebrities. We also want to take part in this trend, but the major problem that we face is many of us do not know where to find these fashionable clothes. Being fashionable can also be a very expensive affair, but we do not want that. We want to look trendy without having to dig a hole in our pockets. Pudhusu Pudhusu Thaan is the solution to this problem. The segment is like a guide to fashion.

The host of the show talks to the audience about various fashion trends. Whether it is western wear or ethnic wear, this show keeps you updated with every existing fashion craze. The host also takes you to various shops and showrooms where you can find the best of these styles. From sarees to salwar suits to dress materials, this show is the ultimate one-stop solution for all the shopping you need to do. Designer sarees, unstitched dress materials, semi stitched anarkalis, this show covers a wide range of clothing and the stores they are available in.

The show tells you about all the good places that can make these fashionable clothes available to you. And the good news is that all the stores that feature in show provide these at a very affordable price and in a range of sizes and colors. All you have to do is follow the show and know your fashion destination!