Tamil Tv Show Poovaiyar Poonga

Poovaiyar Poonga Tamil tv-serials on Kalaingar TV

Poovaiyar Poonga is a famous Tamil language lifestyle TV show that is aired on the popular channel Kalaignar TV at 8:30 pm approximately. The show is divided into various segments and each day a new segment is shown. The segments include health, Do it yourself (DIY), paintings, creativity and beauty tips etc. Every day a new guest is presented with the new topic that is the topic of the day. The segments of the show have their own respected names like for art and craft activities like painting, drawing etc. the segment is named Kalai Nayam and for the beauty tips segments Azhagae Azhagu is the name.

Followed by Annai Yarkkaga which is presented by Magalir Ulagam and much more. Many times when the topic is a vast content then the serial continues till the nest day with the same theme. The guests include a number of people ranging from doctors, beauticians to astrologers and crafts person and much more. Many valuable topics are dealt with in the serial and the public stands well informed on the subject till the end of the show. Health is the most watched segment of the show has definitely played its part in providing the people a healthy direction and a free form diseases lifestyle in which they can remain free from illness and lead a fit life.

Tips by Dr.Parameshwari to new parents especially mother and other tips, in general, are well appreciated. A special part of the health segment lets the general public ask their doubts and questions from the health specialist present and obtain instant solutions. Since there is a segment for everyone, other than health the public can watch beauty tips like the importance of moisturized skin, how to prevent or cure tan, important make - up tips, summer beauty tips etc.

Crafts segment is loved by the children as well the house wives who perform the tasks in their free time. Astrology by an authorized astrologer is also loved by different individuals. The show is well received by the public as they are able to learn new things about crafts, their health, and astrology etc. at the convenience of their home and can take care and perform these things in their free time. There are more than six hundred episodes of the show that are available in both online as well as offline method depending upon the person’s convenience.