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Parambariya Maruthuvam Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Parambariya Maruthuvam airs on every Monday to Friday at 8:30 am. Zee Tamil broadcasts the show. It is a health show. It gives information about various traditional medicines of Tamil Nadu and their use. First, Dr. Sakthy Subramani Bio coming soon... >> Read More... was the host for the show and his daughter, Dr. S.Nandhini was the co-host. Dr. Subramani is a Medical Astrologer. He has great knowledge in this field and has successfully cured many chronic diseases successfully. Later, Rajamanickam became the host. The show highlights the significance of traditional medicines. It makes the audience aware of medical traditions of Tamil Nadu and also how to use those medicines. He gives tips to improve the lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

Rajamanickam is an Astrologer and a Siddha practitioner. He also has lots of knowledge about various herbs (a herb specialist). The host explains the usage of various herbs and other information related to it including its importance. It is a very good educative program. He explains the remedies for various diseases and also shows it practically by using natural products and things. He uses items that are normally available at the home. He also discusses the medicine that he will be preparing in that particular episode of the show. It gives us information about the healing value of different natural products. Each episode shows the solution for a particular disease. The medicine shown in the episode has no side effects as it is formed by using only natural products. He also predicts the disease that the people of a particular sun sign are likely to get. He suggests the precautionary measures, medicine, and treatment that they should take accordingly.

There are many different categories which are covered in the show like weight loss, male problem, female problem, nails related problem, impotence, hair related, face related, children related, etc. The issues that got cover in the show were- medicine for diabetes, medicine for running nose, how to cure chest pain, how to cure itching in the foot, medicine for dengue fever, how to decrease excessive body heat, curing watery semen problem, curing kidney stone problem, reducing neck pain, how to cure inner wound, piles problem, curing wounds in genital organs, jaundice problem, reducing body weight, etc. Hair related problems included stopping hair fall, stopping itching in head, medicine for hair growth, and preventing hair fall; and Face related problems were making the face beautiful, removing black dots on the face and curing scars.

Male problems included increasing sperm count, reducing tummy, increasing potency, whereas Female problems included curing menses pain, abortion problem, bulky uterus problem, stopping milk segregation, removing scars on stomach after childbirth, increasing eggs in ovaries. Children related problems included curing loose motions, diarrhea problems, how to cure old look & gray hair for children, eye-sight problem, stopping teeth bite at the night and increasing growth. Nails related problem was the infection in the nails. This program is very helpful in curing different diseases. You should definitely watch the show. It provides you with brilliant tips.

At present, the Paarambariya Maruthuvam show has been hosted by Dr Bavani Senthil. In the Zee Tamil show, he has been sharing useful medical tips to the people since 26th December 2016. This experienced medical practitioner had been hosting the show for more than 2000 episodes. Still, many episodes to come with useful herbal treatment methods. Bavani Senthil is a traditional Astro-medical practitioner. His wife Jayashri Bavani Senthil is also a certified medical practitioner. They are running a medical treatment center, Dr Paarambariyaa. The duo diagnoses the diseases well. They research the herbs thoroughly and provide the right treatment methods. They had been providing the best herbal treatment method with safe and reliable products. Bavani Senthil also prepares organic food products to help people by providing safe and healthy food. He had also been conferred Jothida Rathna and Jothida Kalaanithi.

Another Version Of This Story:

Paarambariya Maruthuvam is a Tamil television show. In this series, the main subject that had been focused on is natural healing. This Tamil television show practically explains and depicts the remedies for numerous diseases, that too only by the use of nature-based items and products. This Tamil television show deals with showcasing solutions that can be prepared at home and which will encompass natural healing. In this Tamil television show, the famous astrologer and Siddha practitioner appears at the host. His name is Dr. Murugan, who is very renowned in his field. In this Tamil television show, he provides its viewers with a lot of information and knowledge regarding natural healing, and he discusses on the medicines one can prepare for different benefits and cure various diseases.

This Tamil television show is a production by Zee Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and had been telecasted on the Tamil channel of Zee Tamil. This Tamil television show is telecasted every single day of the week, from Monday through to Sunday, at 8:30 a.m., on the Tamil channel of Zee Tamil. Up till now, a total number of one thousand and eighty-four episodes have been aired on this Tamil television show. It is a show that enlightens its viewers with the wisdom and benefits that pertain to natural healing. In this Tamil television show, Dr. Murugan describes one particular medicine or remedy in detail that he goes into preparing that day, which one can make at the comfort of his or her home.

All natural items or products comprises of natural healing value which is explained and described in detail in this segment. In this Tamil television show a single specific disease or ailment is chosen as the subject, and then a medicine or remedy is rendered for it using the household resources which are available all the time at home. The biggest and most conforming benefit of these medicating products and solutions lies in the fact that these products never cause any kinds of side effects as each one of them are made from objects that are naturally available.

In each episode of this Tamil television show, Dr. Murugan also predicts and speaks about the different kinds of diseases and ailments a particular person belonging to a particular sun sign is prone to or will be affected with this. After the prediction, he prescribes a certain remedy or treatment or medicine, and the precautionary practices, which the people belonging to that particular sun sign should abide by at all cost.