Tamil Tv Show Paattukku Paattu

Paattukku Paattu Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar TV

Paattakku Paattu is a music-based show in the Tamil language that was aired on the channel, Kalaignar TV which a satellite-based channel in the Tamil language. The show, Paattakku Paattu was first launched in the year 2013. Paattakku Paattu is basically a music-based celebration program organised by the Tamil Senior Citizens’ Association based in Australia. The show is a one day program for the members of the association. The association organises this show one day in the year to celebrate with the members of the association. It is an annual event held every year on different days. Kalaignar TV telecasts this show in parts through different episodes which are each an hour long. Last year, the program was held on 23rd June 2016. The show is organised and conducted by Navaratnam Raguram. Paattakku Paattu is a music-based show.

The show is organised in an auditorium with a stage for performances and members of the association sitting in the audience. It is a fun show where music is the sole mode of entertainment. The show is conducted through various rounds of music performances by the members and other local artists. The main attraction of the show is the Antakshari competition. Members of the audience come to the stage and stand on either side of the stage to contest with each other. The host asks one member to start off with a song. After the song ends, the host asks the contestants on the other side to start a song with the last letter of the previous song. The competition runs on regular Antakshari rules but at a bigger stage. So it gives the impression of a huge stage event. The songs sung in the event are mainly Tamil songs, both old and new.

The audience enjoys the performances of old songs and new songs. The stage also has a huge orchestra which plays the music. The host also engages the audience sometimes by asking them to sing a song when the contestants cannot remember a song with the last letter. The show continues with different players coming from the audience to play Antakshari. The members of the association have one whole day of fun, entertainment, and rejuvenation. The show is hosted by popular Tamil radio broadcaster of Sri Lanka, B H Abdul Hameed. Hameed is also a popular presenter of ceremonies and events. He has also hosted television shows and is also an actor. He has been consistently hosting all the programs every year. He also entertains the audience with small humors in between.