Tamil Tv Show Neethiyin Kural

Neethiyin Kural Tamil tv-shows on MAKKAL TV

Neethiyin Kural is a news-based talk show in the Tamil language that is aired on the Tamil infotainment channel, Makkal TV. The channel is owned and promoted by the Makkal Tholai Thodarpu Kuzhumam Limited. Its head office is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The show was initially telecasted on a different channel. WinTV, which is a very widely-watched news and infotainment channel in the Tamil language with worldwide access, was the first channel to broadcast the show. However, later on, for multiple reasons, the telecast rights were given up by WinTV, and Makkal TV grabbed the opportunity.

Makkal TV aired this show during the year 2014 to 2015. The show once aired once a week. Each episode of the show aired for almost an hour. Neethiyin Kural is a discussion based talk show. The show deals with important current affair topics and expert opinions and discussions over it. The purpose of the show is to throw light on the happenings in the state of Tamil Nadu and how common people are affected by it. Every week, the show picks up a topic.

These topics could be anything prevalent to the society or related to major political happenings, government and system reforms, social events and changes, human interest issues, etc. A discussion is held between the host of the show and certain experts that are invited on the show to discuss the topics. These experts are usually eminent personalities related to the field of the discussion or someone who has profound interest or knowledge on the issues. They discuss and dig deeper into the reasons behind the occurrences of these events and whether the move was justified or what could possibly be the impact of such incidents on the general population.

They try to uncover the facts, reasons, and truths behind these issues and tell the people everything they deserve to know, which sometimes even the news reports overlook. From government scams to social nuisances, from law reforms to criminal offenses, the show discusses everything that is even remotely related to the people. The show was hosted by C R Baskaran. He had become a household name after he anchored the show. This show was the best work of his career, and people still know him by the name of this show. The show was shot in a studio setup, where the host and the guests sat together around a table or on couches and discussed different issues. The set up changed quite a few times during the tenure of the show, but the look was always kept the same to give a discussion-like feel and look.