Tamil Tv Show My Dear Kutties

My Dear Kutties Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

My Dear Kutties is a kids television show which is telecast on Vasanth TV. It airs from Monday to Friday in the evening. It has a runtime of thirty minutes.

Kutti means small. It is show for tiny kids and their parents. Children between the age group of three to eight years are the participants of the show. The host of the show wears weird clothes and puts on weird make up, to make kids feel comfortable. The parents of the kids who are participating are made to sit on a stand, made specifically for them. It is a live reality TV show.

The kids are told to showcase their talents, be it, singing, dancing, reading, acting or even studying. The host also talks to them about their life. What's their name? How old are you? Which class are you studying in? Do you like your parents? Who is your best friend? What is your favourite food? The manner in which the kids answer these questions provides a good hearty laugh to everyone. It tries to show the innocence in little kids. Children of their age are not afraid to ask questions. They will irritate you with questions. Those doubts might be stupid or intelligent. When they grow up, all of a sudden, they have stopped asking such questions. They have started to blindly follow whatever is taught to them. Either they don't now what to ask, or they are worried about what their peers might think, or they don't care, whatever the reason maybe, the bottom line is that they have stopped asking questions. It goes to great lengths to show you that something terrible is happening in our education system.

The parents of the kids are also involved in the show. The host asks then various questions, which they answer with great enthusiasm. There are many tasks for the kids and the parents to complete, and the winner gets an award at the end. The show finally finishes with a group dance where the kids and parents dance together. Celebrities from the kids world also pay a visit. They come to promote their movies, or just to have fun with them.The host starts dancing with everyone. There are many toys on set, which helps to create a visually unique environment. It has been well recognized and received, and after all these years, Kutti is still going strong.