Tamil Tv Show Makkal Medai

Makkal Medai Tamil TV SHOWS on PuthuYugam TV

Politics is the essence of Human Life. It rules our lives and the entire society around us. It is always the talk of the town, and it is related to all the current affairs of the country. Media plays a great role in publishing information related to Indian politics. Media is the source of elaborating and extending the political affairs of our nation to our television screens. The shows that bring up political matters are the shows that draw up the highest number of audiences. These political debating shows start their discussion with any trending political affair, and the debate goes on. ‘Makkal Medai’ is a show that elaborates on the trending and hot topics of the nation.

The program is an elaborative discussion platform. The eminent and leading personalities from different fields gather to talk and debate on the various political and non-political affairs. The show was aired firstly on Thanti TV Network and ran for some episodes then the show was re-launched and broadcasted on the Raj TV Network. The Raj TV Network is a 24*7 news channel, which is one of the most trending channels for news and current affairs. The ‘Makkal Medai’ show was then featured on the Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Network. The program duration is 1 hour, and the show runs for approximately 45 minutes’ duration.

The channel invites distinguished personnel from various sectors of the societies to talk and share their opinions on different issues. The program also aims at resolving issues of people through telephonic calls. Any viewers who have any questions related to the episodes can ask the experts and get possible solutions to their answers. The people involved share their ideas and sometimes get into an aggressive fight with the co-spokespersons. The clash becomes interesting when the two people quarrel on contrasting points. The arguments often lead to some conflicts, but those are gradually resolved in the show.

The program is an informative people’s talk show, and viewers enjoy watching it. The recently discussed and debated topics on the program include the huge protests to ban the Jallikattu sport, the death of Tamil Nadu’s amma Jayalalithaa, The competition between Paneerselvam and Sasikala to succeed Jayalalitha. Trending topics also included Social media and its effects, Central Government issues and so on. This show is highly popular when it comes to audience ratings. The show has various episodes recorded on the YouTube, which users can view for their reference.