Tamil Tv Show Ennal Mudiyum VJ

Ennal Mudiyum VJ Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Ennal Mudiyum VJ is a reality Tamil talent T.V. show showcased on the Tamil channel Vendhar TV. The show has a running time of 30 minutes on television and an approximate of 24 minutes on online platforms. It is a light - hearted entertainment television show that has no purpose of hurting anybody to any community of any religion or society.

The show features a massive number of people consisting of both men and women who come along and enter the show premises to get themselves registered before they go to the judge’s room. It can be compared to the north Indian TV show Roadies, the only difference is that the show is family - oriented and is very clean with no abusive or false language used as well as does not have any team selection to keep the show running etc., it is a very entertaining show that gets the public to laugh their hearts out while watching people perform all kinds of acts like funny dancing, bad singing, acting on the stage.

The reaction of the judges, add another level of comedy to the already hilarious show. Other than performances, the show also features many other segments like presenting recipes ideas for mouth-watering dishes both authentic and regional, interviews with many famous celebrities, having discussions on various topics and providing true film reviews with star rating and much more.

The show can be viewed on many different media platforms like TV, YouTube, many websites that feature each and every episode of the serial like dishtamil.co, tamiltvshows.net, tubetamil.com etc. Moreover, with every festival like the Tamil New Year, the Pongal festival and much more, the show has specifically devoted episodes to the same. The show is very well received by the south Indian public and that is the reason that there were millions of views on the show every time its episodes roll out.

The comments on YouTube below the show video showcases the public’s love for the show. There are more than fifteen episodes categorized date-wise that are currently available on the internet waiting to be watched. The show has its own trending Facebook page and Gmail page by the name Ennal Mudiyum VJ where the photographs of the people behind this hit show can be seen in different locations and backgrounds. You can also add the page to your Gmail circle and like their Facebook page to receive new notifications.