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Dinosaur Revolution Tamil TV SHOWS on Discovery Tamil

Who doesn't know about Discovery Channel? Discovery Channel is the popular documentary television programming channel which airs shows on science and technology, history, human behavior, automobiles, taboos and myths, and pseudo-scientific entertainment. Discovery Channel launched on June 17, 1985, and is owned by Discovery Communications, Inc. The channel broadcasts show in about 170 countries with multiple language subtitles. Discovery India provides content in 3 different languages Hindi, Bengali and Telugu and has a separate channel dedicated to Tamil. Dinosaur Revolution is a famous scientific, historical documentary aired on Discovery Channel. It is a four-part show which premieres every Sunday at 10 PM on the Discovery Channel Tamil.

The original documentary is created by David Krentz and Eric Nelson, which is then dubbed to Hindi and Tamil. The Tamil version of the series aired for the first time on the channel on September 4, 2011. Dinosaur Revolution is produced by Creative Differences and is narrated by Rick Robles. The modeling and texturing of the animated characters are done in ZBrush by Creative Differences. Animation and final editing are done by MAYA along with Mokko in Montreal, Sauce FX,Hawaii Animation Studios and Kinkajou in the UK. Each 42-minute episode of the series is a collection of world's best dinosaur animations and illustrations combined with the latest fossil research.

To keep the show interesting Holywood style storytelling is involved in the program to describe the never before seen behaviors of these extraordinary creatures. Even though the production started in 2009, it took three years to complete the documentary. The documentary is the collection of some short stories as well as long stories spanning through different environments of the Mesozoic Era. Initially, the show was decided to be made upon the comic book Age of Reptiles without any narration. Later on, when the name of the program changed from Reign of the Dinosaurs to Dinosaur Revolution, interviews and point of views of scientists were added into the show explaining scientific facts.

The first episode of the show aired Ischigualasto Formation of Argentina and Eoraptor, Ischigualastia and Saurosuchus were the featured animals. The second episode called The Watering Hole showcased the Lourinha Formation of Portugal and featured the Draconyx. The third episode broadcasted the Wulansuhai Formation featuring the Velociraptor osmolskae and Protoceratops. The fourth episode shows the end of the Dinosaur Era. The first two episodes of the program aired on 4 September 2011 and the last two aired on 13 December. Recently a film also released named Dinotasia where the narrator Werner Herzog talks about Dinosaurs utilizing the used and unused footages of Dinosaur Revolution.