Tamil Tv Show Devanin Perumai

Devanin Perumai  Tamil TV SHOWS on Imayam TV

Devanin Perumai is a Tamil show which is telecasted on Imayam TV. The show preaches the glory of Jesus Christ. The host reads excerpts from the Bible to preach about Jerusalem Christ and his lessons. The serial runs for half an hour during which the lessons which are though in the Bible are preached. They are said with the aim to pacify the audience and instill some brotherhood in them.

Each episode forms a lesson in the show. Each lesson is taken from an excerpt in the Bible. Luke 9:27-36 is an example where the chapter takes place. The show looks at the journey of Christ, from a nomad to a person who changed the world. It is this transfiguration of Christ, with which one can associate himself with Peter, he wants to say something.

One commentator has described the time between his birth and the discovery of his passion as the most significant event. People are so heavenly minded that he is not fit for any earthly good. Their heads are up in the clouds, and hence they cannot achieve anything practical. But the reality is, people’s minds are so earthly that in the end, they are neither heavenly nor earthly.

To achieve something, you have to set your sight above the clouds where the Lord is seated. People had different views about Christ. He is the King, John, Baptist or Elijah. Jesus has told his followers that those who wish to follow him should do so in the same way as a cross. After all, he didn't come down to Earth to do as he wishes, but rather, he came to follow the Father, and his way is the way of the cross.

What Luke tells is that the Son of God needed to pray because he was in flesh, he was free from all sins, and this is how we should live. Despite Elijah and Moses being around at the same time as of Christ, the whole Old Testament is a witness of Jesus being the Lord as Christ.

All three had unique departures from Earth. Moses died on a mountain, while Elijah was buried by God himself and carried to heaven. Angels guarded Christ’s tomb, and after he was resurrected, his body was carried to heaven.