Tamil Tv Show Athanaikkum Aasaipadu

Athanaikkum Aasaipadu Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

Athanaikkum Aasaipadu is a devotion based reality TV show which came on the channel Star Vijay. The series is a Tamil language one which came on every weekend on Sunday between the half hour slot of 9 AM and 9:30 AM. It features enlightenment sessions with the revered saint like the personality of Sadhguru. He guides various people on various facets of life and about how they can go about solving life’s problems. He gets visited by some of the most eminent personalities in their fields. People ranging from actors to politicians and even authors come to this great man to seek his blessings and guidance. They seek his help on issues relating to both their family matters as well as professional concerns. He provides them nuggets of knowledge and lends them a different perspective on why something is happening.

Commonly referred to as the Sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudev Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , is a renowned yogi, along with a popular mystic as well as an author. He had founded the Isha Foundation which serves as a non-profit organization and which offers various yoga programs to a number of people and organizations around the world. Its activities got spread across countries such as India, Great Britain, United States, Canada, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, Uganda, Nepal, China, and also Australia. The Isha Foundation has also participated in various social as well as community development projects, which resulted in this Foundation getting granted a special consultative status to work alongside the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council.

Sadhguru chose a life of austerity at the young age of twenty-five years only on 23rd September 1982. He decided to go up to the peak of Chamundi Hill and sat there on a rock and meditated. After a long time, he received a divine and truly spiritual experience. He felt like a different person altogether and began to see the world in a very different light. He could sense a deep connection with all of nature and its creations. Though it felt a short duration of time, he was, in fact, sitting there for many hours, following which he returned. Six weeks after that experience, he decided to leave his business for his friend to handle and began to travel extensively to gain a deeper insight into this mystical experience. Following more than a year of traveling and meditating, Sadhguru decided to become a yoga teacher and share his experiences. In1983, he commenced his very first yoga class in the city of Mysore and got seven participants.