Tamil Tv Show Asal Suvai


Asal Suvai is a Tamil language TV show. Star Vijay TV has telecasted this TV show in the year 2013. Aashirvaad Sambhar has been in the association with Star Vijay TV for Asal Suvai and the show was called “Aashirvaad Sambhar Asal Suvai”. The TV show had a concept of a cookery TV show running for an hour on the TV screens. The cookery TV show was an honest attempt by Aashirvaad Sambhar and, Star Vijay TV to celebrate the authentic, traditional and, glorious cuisines of Tamil Nadu. The cuisines made by the participants were traditional. Anu Haasn who is an actress hosted the cookery show. Mano, who is a singer judged the show with Revathi Sankaran as a co-judge who is an actress herself.

For the round one, all the contestants who wanted to participate in the cookery TV show had to send their favorite recipes to the office of Star Vijay TV. The best recipes got a call from the office and were invited for the next round. In the next round, the contestants had to prepare the recipes that they had already sent to the judges, based on which they had been selected. 20 participants made to the next round and entered the cookery TV show. In each episode there were different challenges that prompted the contestants to prepare for Sambhar and, Tamil Nadu’s ancient dishes. From the youngsters to an old lady of 82 years; the show had people from every generation as participants. The participants were provided with their kitchen, utensils, ingredients and, pantry to work on. With every episode there was a new challenge thrown at the participants by the judges.

There were time limited challenges; ingredients limited challenges, mix cooking concept challenges and, many other such contests. Not just the recipes, but also the ingredients used were also grounded, roasted, and blended in the traditional way. All the three judges Anu Hassn, Revathi Sankaran and, Mano were fair to all the participants and, were equally involved in the show. Mano has been a very entertaining judge for the TV show. Nobody knew when he could just break into his singing. The TV show truly celebrated the authenticity and, traditionalism of the cuisines of Tamil Nadu. The TV show Asal Suvai was telecasted on every Sunday on Star Vijay TV from 7 PM to 8 PM. The TV show was full of cooking challenges, new mouthwatering recipes, tough competition, fun, new learning and, entertainment