Tamil Tv Show Are You The AppaTakkar

Are You The AppaTakkar Tamil Tv serials on Puthuyugam tv

Are You The Appa Takkar, was a game show aired in Puthuyugam Tv. It was a quiz competition in a new concept, where the celebrities were asked the questions from the primary school syllabus. The questions were asked to them by the kids.

The show directed by Arvindraj was very well hosted by Sriranjani and the show was very interesting in all the episodes. Celebrities answered the question with ease sometimes, with tension sometimes and of course sometimes embarrassed for not knowing some answers for the basic and simple questions. The kids were very confident to throw the questions. The questions sometimes looked very simple, but confusing too. The show was a productive and informative one when compared to the many other soaps.

It was also a test for the viewers to understand their general knowledge and a test for their knowledge and intelligence. There were true or false session, objective type questions, maths science and technology. The questions like which was the nearest planet to the earth, which planet has water, what is the age for voting etc…. were easily answered by the kids among the audience. The parents in all the house hold were happy and to make their kids watch this informative serial. The celebrities took part with enthusiasm and interest same like the kids and enjoyed the show.

The show made the viewers energetic and freshen up their knowledge and memories. The credits were given to the camera men who have done a good work with their cameras and for the sets.