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Indian cinema has reached its peak, creating a place for itself in the global arena. People are familiar with the fact that Indian cinema has ranked first regarding annual film output globally, which is a great achievement for the country. As many as 1,600 films are produced in India every year in different languages, the main being the Hindi Cinema Industry and the Tamil Cinema Industry. These two industries, apparently, have managed to rule the hearts and souls of Indian people. However, Tamil Cinema has managed to keep its roots firmly in the Southern part of the India. Tamil movies, lately, have been recognized nationally and internationally. Nevertheless, the essence which was present in old Tamil movies has, apparently, gone astray. Movies like Thalapathi, Anandha Raagam, The ever Magan, and Thane are some movies which had hit the blockbuster in the 20th century.

Anandha Ragam, a 20th century Tamil film was a blockbuster which was released on 14th January, 1982. Bharani directed the cinema, and the picture was produced and written by Panju Arunachalam. The main casts of this movie included Sivakumar, Radha, Goundamani and Aruna Mucherla. The other cast included Ravikumar, Sivachandran, Veera Raghavan, Indra Devi and Thilakam. The genre of Anandha Ragam is romance and drama. However, the movie has a very appealing plot wherein, the protagonist of the play Vadivelu earns money with the help of Muthu. However, the relation between the two drifts apart when Panda (antagonist) enters the scene. Vadivelu’s sister rejects Panda for Muthu, as a result of which he tries to manipulate Vadivelu to fire Muthu, and he manages to take revenge from his sister by getting her married to an immoral man.

The running time of this movie is 2 hours and 11 minutes. Anandha Ragam managed to captivate the attention of the audience with its interesting plot, and people at that period considered it as a unique story. The movie was enthralling to the viewers as a result of which it managed to be a blockbuster film. Apparently, Tamil movies have progressed over the years and have evidently, survived to be in the global arena. Tamil Cinema, however, is the leading industry of South Indian Cinema, and evidently, it has a hard-hitting competition with the Telugu Cinema primarily in the two states viz. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It has the second largest global box office collection after Bollywood in India. Evidently, many Bollywood movies are inspired by Tamil cinema, and it has an immense impact in Hindi Cinemas.