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Yazhini is drama television soap in the Tamil language that was aired on the channel, IBC Tamil which is a mass media channel that has launched a 24-hour television channel for the Diaspora Tamils based out of Sri Lanka, India, etc. The headquarters of the channel is in London and the founder of the channel is Baskaran Kandiah. The show, Yazhini was first launched in the year 2015 in November. The show had a successful run for almost a year and came to an end on 2nd September 2016. The show has a total of 244 episodes during its tenure. Each of these episodes of the show aired for around thirty minutes. The show was usually aired from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. The story of Yazhini revolves around the story of Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka and their struggles in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The main lead of the show, Yazhini is a young and beautiful woman who is also a Tamil refugee from Sri Lanka. She does not have her parents with her anymore. For some reasons, she has to move to Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka at a very young age with her younger brother and sister. She has no place to stay and has the responsibility of her young siblings on her young shoulders. She seeks refuge at the home of an aunt of hers who lives in Tamil Nadu. Her aunt is not very fond of her and the idea of her staying with them. She thinks of the kids as a pile-on. Yazhini realizes that at a very tender age and hence her struggle starts to make something out of her life.

She, being the oldest of the three siblings, is like a parent to the other two siblings and she tries hardest to be a parent to them by providing for them in any way possible, covering for their mistakes, sacrificing her own dreams to see them study higher and better and achieve their goals. The story is about the life of Yazhini and her different struggles and situations she faces. Yazhini a unique show with a star cast of fresh faces. The actors that starred in the lead in the show are Nikila, Dev, Dinesh, Divya, Shravan, and Asha Rani. The other actors were Vasanthi Vishwanathan, Southarya Shetty, Santosh, Veera, Vinoth, Denakaran, and much more. The show is directed by Sundar K. Vijayan and produced by Radhika Sarathkumar Radhika is a famous actress in multiple of languag >> Read More... and Raadan Mediaworks.