Tamil Tv Serial Sivasakthi

Sivasakthi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Sivasakthi, which was telecasted by Sun tv, was a tear jerker directed by Balaji Yadav and produced by Sujatha Vijaykumar.. With actors Shamitha, Madhu, Sri , Abitha Anand Anuradha Krishnamoorthi, Nithya, Sanjeev and others , the serial mainly shows the boldness, kindness of the character Sakthi . The serial also revolves around the couple Gayathri and Saravanan ‘s life and the mysterious death of Saravanan.

The couple have a girl child, even though Saravanan was a kind man, his drinking habit takes a toll on their happiness and his health. At a point of time, his heath deteriorates and Gayathri tries hard to save him by admitting in hospital and getting him treated. As in case of many patients , he could not survive without liquor at one point.Gayathri gets him the drink and after that Saravanan dies.The police arrest Gayathri, for his death and put her in prison. The child Divya is taken care of kind hearted family friends and they arrange a lawyer to Defend Gayathri in court and get her released, by proving that she was neither the reason for Saravanan death nor she killed him.The lawyer appears in that case and with genuine witness and healthy arguments ,gets Gayathri released from the prison and by proving her innocence in Saravan’s death.

Anuradha Krishnamoorthi has done her role as lawyer with perfectness.Sanjeev has done a negative role ,which extracts the best of his acting skills. The serial has many characters with stories of their own.The serial had some drawbacks from the audience. suc as extending the story un neccesarily and bringing in many characters,

Which were not needed in the storyline. Eventhough it was not a successful hit as expected, it had fans and audience considerably.